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So if we cant catch planes anymore, well until Heathrow gets the new 3D scanners and the liquid laptop nightmare is something we can put behind us and say that was so early 2000’s.

Until now you have these discrete services available



London Private Jet Terminals

Staying at home you have even more time to exercise and then the inevitable questions start to be asked by you or your partner or both of you at the same time

Have I lost weight ?

Do I look Fat in this?

How much more exercise do I need to do to loose weight?

How does my face look?


While your in LA go check out this guy in Santa Monica

Well according to this health pioneer from Santa Monica getting fat might just help your arthritis by farming your fat cells for Stem Cell’s … hmmm interesting

Liposuction and Stem Cell Harvesting

Then while your on the plane to New York its time to come up to speed with Human Growth for your face. Time to dig deep in to your Nobel Laurates hard work recognised in 1986  for Human Growth



Once you have landed book your own facial with Georgia its the Hollywood EGF you will want to ask for.



Have you heard of Darlington its like the American version of the British Downton Abbey


If your looking a little closer to home





Media Duty of Care & Animal Rights – Kashmir Baby Leopard filmed as it dies from being electrocuted on the border

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Last year I was moved to tears about a Polar Bear starving to death that was covered by National Geographic and the Emu’s that started migrating in Australia due to Drought.


This morning I saw something so disturbing that it caused me to be instantly ill.


I have to ask why is OK for Aljazeera media to film a baby leopard dying on the border of Kashmir being electrocuted that is suffering in horrific pain. The camera team filmed the paws moving in shock, they then shot the last moments and looks in its eyes then showed it last breath and that was what they describe as news. It went to air 25th of August 7 hours ago and here is how they advertised it

7 hours ago


Where is the duty of care by the media for Animals, in war and out of war.

7 hours ago part 2

How is this humanity that you allow oneside to cut off telephone, internet and yet you have enough electricity to electrocute a leopard that is making it way through its natural habitat.

With many animals dying of wildfires in the Amazon are the camera crews going about and filming their deaths, no they are not so why is this leopard not assisted or given the grace and dignity to pass peacefully.

There is a line and today Aljazeera crossed it and cant come back from it.

Bankers go to Jail for crimes committed for financial related incidents



yet what consequences do Journalists face that film the death of animals for a story without aiding them in unbelievable pain.

War Correspondents are celebrated when they get footage of being seen helping drag children from barrel bombs and they are alive and rushed to hospital. These journalists dont stop and just film the child die.

The coverage from Yemen and the starving children was very difficult to watch, as journalists covered a situations that were unbelievable that a nation could be starving next to the country that announced one of their companies makes the most profit in the world 111 billion.


There needs to be new standards of care for media coverage of animals this story has to be the last of its kind.

Indulgency Luxury Needs vs Wants

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What are the trends in Luxury right now? Its a big question, with the climate centre stage right now, Luxury and Political Correctness is a tricky question that the Style Council around the world are Shouting to the Top.


The two princes have had their holiday’s approaches reviewed globally this week with Prince William & Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge adjusting the sails to present a stable and sensible approach to family holiday travel showing they world they are happy to experience what most families around the world experience taking a “normal jet plane” in the wake of the debate over Prince Harry and Meghan the Duchess of Sussex use of a “private jet plane”.

Rock Stars Elton John and Pink advocate the use of “Private Jets” with a carbon offset donation and site security issues as defence for the usual mode of transport for what the high net worth regard as the go to travel staple G6.

The Swedish Climate Crusader Greta took the idea of Cruise Collection straight out of the gate to sail a luxury fast yacht to New York.


Staycations vs International Travel : Is it more or less carbon friendly at the front or the back of the plane?

Ultimately what is the cost of when a Russian MIG’s Fighter Jet’s or Two decide to play chicken with UK Airspace – What is the Carbon Footprint of Fighting for our National Airspace?

What happens when Lads & Ladies behave badly and again the UK Fighter Jets have to accompany a jet because someone got really drunk at Ibiza and kicked off on the plane?

We have seen that story a few times in the papers recently?

Air Travel is tricky – Watch this Space!

Second Hand Vintage Wolf Fur Jacket or Leather Mod Jacket vs Ethical Plastic Faux Leather & Faux Fur. Recently there was an article that looked at the economics of ethical leather?  Presenting the idea of £££ What is the Carbon Cost of Plastic Fashion£££.

I might get in trouble for this statement, but if an animal has sacrificed their life to provide food and then a fashion company in the 1920’s to 1980’s ok maybe even the 2000’s  has already created the item and its Vintage and you find it in say Notting Hill Market who am I to say your wrong to saying yes, maybe I would even consider buying an amazing vintage piece?

I am in the business of Fashion, in the business of Luxury and for Luxury its a new Epoch. The entry into the business of Luxury began in Louis Vuitton in Oslo, there is a smell of the back room of any Louis Vuitton Store around the world that is hard to describe unless you have experienced immersed and dipped yourself completely into the cult of Luxury.

My experience in Luxury, includes being invited to the secret place in the world that Crocodile Skins are polished before they are transformed in handbags that have £100,000 price tags and 10 year waiting lists.

I know a thing or two about Crocodile & Alligator, I have had a live python placed around my neck and the feeling is coolly decadent.  The most compromising moment as a fashion designer was when I was trying an indescribable fur jacket on in a very remote part of the world.

I swore an oath with my best friend that I would eventually come back from this moment. On a remote island near the north pole I tried in this black jacket,  I loved it and then I subtly asked what type of fur was it ? As the words came back life began to move in slow motion my whole body went into shock, when I heard it was a 4 letter word. Lets leave it at that.

I had to remove it instantly my consciousness my value system my education knew that it was wrong to keep it on any moment more. Ignorance is Bliss yet now I was conflicted because before I enquired what it was my body, my brain enjoyed the sheer indulgence of the warmth of a fur jacket in the snow and below 35 degrees with a windchill factor.

In 2005 when my brand began, the fledging start up selected to join the Portobello Business Centre required many walks up and down Notting hill Markets for inspiration and all sorts of ideas. I tried on vintage leather, vintage fur, vintage lace, almost vintage everything. I don’t think recycling or giving Vintage fashion “real material”  piece a second life is wrong.

Actually I thinks its the kindest thing for the planet to do.

Where do we go from here, I don’t think we need to get our crystal balls out, to predict immerging trends.

Hire a Photographer – Professional Vacation Photographers | Flytographer

People are hiring Instagram Photographers for their Family Holiday’s so they can get their Social On.


Sotheby’s have a cool app that lets you move your furniture around virtually especially for your staycations distraction list


People are investing heavily in food that tastes like meat but has no meat $300,000 to create no meat by Memphis Meats.


The hottest temperatures around the world are recorded, people are planning a new retirement savings plan called M&M’s how much will I need to save to travel to live on the Moon & Mars.


Forget the carbon footprint of the New York to London Summer Discount Shopping Trek or the guilty Eurostar Commute to Paris for a cheeky weekend.

I like the idea of the slow movement, I grew up with tales of 6 week cruises – today I believe that a journey takes place that takes a Norwegian alcohol product around the world in sailing boats to age in barrels before it hits the table on Christmas day?

We all have our indulgences, vices, vanities but the question that the industry will be asking in the future is it a Need or a Want?

Do we keep farming animals for consumption or do we end cruelty with climate change?

Do we relish recycling fashion of all kinds even if they are real fur, cashmere or crocodile?

What happens to the planet with all these fake faux materials when they get thrown out can they be recycled and remade? After all they are oil based chemical fabrications?

Diamondwise Investor Centre

Lots of questions for Luxury and real materials are only going to increase in price, Pink Diamonds mining in Australia is going to end production very soon so the price of this precious diamond is going skyhigh.


If we are going back to sailing, private islands are looking fun, depending on how high the sea level is rising.


Maybe its the mountain ranch retreat in Aspen or the Castle nestled in the hills of the south of France somewhere between Cannes or Monaco that is will avoid the rising water level.



Whether your staying at home or travelling the thing with luxury and lifestyle is one this will always remain. Relaxation is required at some point of the year.

Swimming or Skiing depending on when you choose to travel. Some travel 5 times a year, some once depending on which home or country you wish to escape.

The trend in Luxury is that you have now at minimum have 3 countries that you call home and that you regularly travel by air to visit each of your home.

3 Cities are you visit the most is

London, Paris or New York

Your layover city for most of you are

Los Angeles.

You have your satellites stays

Hong Kong, Dubai, Shanghai or Tokyo

Your Like your Tropics and Exotics

Rio, Sydney or Singapore

Every other year there is the optional swap cities to summers or snow

Oslo or Rome

Stockholm or Geneva

Montreal or Vancouver

Vail or Aspen


10 Year Anniversary – Saudi Lingerie Campaign

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Its the 10 year anniversary of when Reem invited the Founder of Harlette Luxury Lingerie & Swimwear Naomi McGill B.IT, MBA to hold a lingerie class to assist women who were entering the workforce to sell lingerie. Until then only men were allowed to sell lingerie in stores.

Reem Asaad created the Saudi lingerie campaign in 2008 and within a few years the campaign’s impact changed the laws in Saudi for women to work in 2011.

Thomas w Lippman covered the story of the lingerie campaign in his book Saudi Arabia on the Edge – An Uncertain Future of an American Ally.

Saudi Arabia on the Edge Cover

Page 162 Saudi Lingerie Campaign Naomi McGill

Page 163 Saudi Lingerie Campaign Reem Asaad

Saudi Arabia on the Edge Back Cover

Today Harlette Luxury Lingerie & Celebrates the bravery of Reem Asaad and all the women that took this 1st class on Lingerie by the KSA Lingerie Campaign in Saudi Arabia ten years ago.






Cashmere by Harlette 1st Look

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Harlette are getting ready to celebrate 10 years. Can you believe that the launch of our 1st Catwalk in Paris was almost one decade ago.

What a better way to celebrate this, Harlette got inspiration on plane from London to Hollywood and decided to create something so luxury, so soft and something to keep the special one in your life warm when you cant be with them.


Harlette released the 1st look of the new design in Cashmere this week via twitter

It is – a cashmere wrap with Cities that Harlette launched their catwalk

The 1st look has Paris and Hollywood for those of you that know the story and those of you that are just discovering the heritage of Harlette.

The very 1st catwalk was in Paris at Salon International de la Lingerie and only a few weeks later the collection was invited to showcase as part of an Oscar’s style lounge in Hollywood.

These are just 2 of the cities featured on this new piece by Harlette.

The piece is custom hand made and takes a couple of weeks to have it hand stitched with the cities.

The wait for this piece is exquisite and when you touch it for the first time its like nothing on this planet.

Its a dream come true, this new design just added to the collection.



The Politics of Panties

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Recently in a supposedly very serious corporate setting on a call from the US to UK,  I was told by said offshore “male colleague” of a “consulting firm” on a “client site”

“Don’t Get Your Knickers in a Twist”

Of course for a second your shocked, you’re really wondering did I just hear that. Did that guy really use the words “Knickers” in a “Twist” in a corporate setting in 2019 in the UK?


Have you not heard of the “Me Too” movement happening in your country? Have you not heard of a HR clause on acceptable business language? Do the words “Sexual Harassment” have a special exception clause with your name in big bold letters at the bottom of the corporations HR policy – every body but you “Stud” “Bud” “Man of 2019”

At the end of the day with all the fashion options of catsuits, bodysuits, onesies, how can an aging man in his late 50’s really be so confident that his younger female counterparts are even wear knickers these days. Bit presumptuous if you ask me?

Take a look a snap chat and one might discover that according to millennials underwear is optional and this might explain why lingerie companies around the world are seeing a decline in sales forecasts and stores.

With just so many options out there 

  • his facts on –

“Getting your Knickers in a Twist”

could be entirely wrong 

Just this week Victoria Secrets confirmed it was closing 50 stores world wide and last year in 2018 they closed 30 that a lot of “no knickers” being sold.

Of course there is office banter and getting away with it here an there, was it offside was inside was it on the line?

Yet for the purpose of Referee, blowing the whistle and calling the red card on the politics of panties like most ladies in corporate settings – there is a line – and its drawn when you start using terms that you would find pegged to washing line – one could use the other term such as “Below the Belt”.  – I have to say its flummoxing behaviour !!!

I am not sure how you would have responded or what witty retort you would have imagined after you hung up from that call

Should have gone something like actually

I am not wearing any 

I am catsuit kind of girl.

– maybe you could have been bold with this response

Actually let me take off my glasses

loosen my bun

reveal indeed I have my cape

and superwoman outfit just underneath

where is that London Red Telephone box when you need it

Seriously in 2019 what world do we live in when 50 plus aged men can still think they can “strut” their “stuff” with terms that show they have about the intelligence of a nano stem cell that comes from a rat that’s shocked into electrical pulse and inserted into the brain to show a semi form of a life existence.

What actually does it mean when a “Man” gets up the “gumption” to beat his chest and call out or play the Knicker Twist card as a battle cry in his conference call?

More importantly What part of the good manners for men 2019 is that Knicker Twist move in?

We saw the close of 2018 in British Parliament come to a climax with the “Stupid Women” moment muttered under or over or around the oppositions leaders lips depending on what news camera angle or tweet you were replaying from.

Reading the Sun newspaper this week its astonishing to read that owners of fashion company’s can enforce hugs, enforce that you sit on their lap, call you fat and naughty. When is it OK for women in the workplace to say your balding, your grumpy, how is that handle bar growth your cultivating on your face working out for you?

Is it making you money, is it getting you closer to your dreams or do you just enjoy being the centre lead of your own fantasy and bringing everyone misery?

Whoops did I just say that out aloud or am I dreaming I am in a conference call right now. The hours endured staring at the clock wondering when this you don’t really know what you’re talking about agony is going to end.

When will HR write into the contracts quotas to be achieved for more young hot abercrombie & fitch Male Models with their shirts off walking around the office and talking on skype conference calls

After all there is over 52% of the office now that are female, Just think how many people posed for photos in when the London store opened up – “hotness in jeans with ab’s and a tan” instead the reality is we have to put up with being refereed to as “hot messes” and getting our “knickers are in a twist”.

It appears there really is a new political landscape in panties and I think that we all need to come up to speed with what the millennials are doing, how they are going to change the industry for ever.

You just cant say “knickers in a twist” anymore!!

If people are not buying in store or online as they are not wearing any how does one sustain the lingerie industry in 2020 and beyond?

How accurate are your financial models and planning for a category that is rapidly shrinking in its traditional thought patterns how does AI predict these new lines and forms.

Sure we can look to Hollywood and Rockstars to save the industry – a few stella product placements and its a new revolution but is it?


Millennials and their younger brothers and sisters spend more time on youtube than any other place, including time they spend face to face real time with their friends

Their hero’s are people that you and I don’t even know or have ever heard their names before and they are teaching them how to put make up on, how to dress, how to talk, where to go on holiday.

They are so connected that we are totally unplugged, unwired in the world they live in. most would never read a newspaper, watch sky news or see the last Karl Lagerfeld Chanel catwalk in Paris live.

While UK is just brexiting and texting and worrying about words and customs and chaos and profit millennials buying makeup countryless, borderless, created the newest Billionaire Kylie Jenner.

I just cant help but want to repeat the Clash

If I go there will be trouble
And if I stay it will be double
So come on and let me know

This indecision’s bugging me




NANO NOVEL – Code of Conduct

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Harlette will be launching their very 1st Nano Novel called Code of Conduct.

Advance copies have been sent and read already in Monaco, Los Angeles, London, Sydney & New York

Monaco –  8 out of 10

London – Thank you I had fun, its funny

CodeofConduct (2)

New York – What in God’s name is a Nano Novel

Los Angeles – Exciting

More soon on how you can get your own copy of Harlette’s first Nano Novel

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