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What a Way to Go

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Harlette Turns Sweet 16

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Harlette Turns Sweet 16

16 Wilton Crescent

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Aug 2006 16 Wilton Crescent sold for £1,947,000

In October 2018 it was listed for £30 million and sold 1 year later for £25,500,000 in August 2019

That’s a profit of +£23,553,000 (1,210%) in 13 years for this Belgravia London Apartment with 11 bedrooms 8 bathrooms and 5 reception rooms

Lord Dudley Stuart lived at 16 Wilton Crescent (1803 -1854) a British politician. He was the youngest son of John Stuart 1st Marquess of Bute and his second wife, Frances Coutts, daughter of the banker Thomas Coutts.

The Most Secret Fabric in the World

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Most people in the world have never heard of guanaco

Its estimated that most of the worlds populations have never heard of this fabric or ever get to touch & feel this fabric because most of the entire species of guanaco live in Argentina.

85 percent of them live in Argentina, whose entangled policies and economics of obtaining this fabric seem designed to ensure that you’ll never have an opportunity to buy a guanaco wool sweater in your lifetime.

“In 2015 it was forbidden to import textile products and almost impossible to export local production,”

Mind Blowing

Too Wild for Fashion

Guanacos get no love from the fashion world. One reason is that they too are wild animals—they’re bigger and more muscular than their fluffy cousins, and they aren’t easy to catch. Babies start running within a matter of days, and leggy adult guanacos can reach speeds of up to 56 miles per hour.

To capture wild guanacos for shearing, gauchos (Argentina’s famous cowboys) herd wild guanacos by horseback down a kilometers-long chute

The Wild Guanacos doesn’t have as much fluffy wool as its adorable cousin, the alpaca, yet the fiber it does have is as luxurious as cashmere — and more sustainable

Those with a coveted taste or even a covert taste know vicuña and are prepared to pay for it. A Saville Row tailor received a shipment of guanaco and made it with Platinum and Gold Buttons as its that hard and that rare to source.

Most of the fabric if it gets out of Argentina is cornered from an Italian manufacturer so the odds are slim to none that your able to even source it, if indeed you want to ?

The fiber that comes from a guanaco is every bit as fine as what a vicuña produces (in fact, it’s marginally finer—about 13 microns in thickness versus 15 microns, a difference so minuscule that textile experts need a microscope to verify it

The History Lesson

Peru, two families—the Michells from England in 1931 and the Pattheys from Switzerland in 1957—took an interest in South American camelids. They set up integrated alpaca and vicuña supply chains, from live shearing on the farm to the mills; to garment manufacturing centers in Arequipa; and, ultimately, to the store franchises Sol Alpaca and Kuna.

The Europeans of Argentina took an opposite approach. They carved the guanaco habitat into private sheep ranches barricaded by razor wire and hunted guanacos to reduce the domestic animals’ competition for grazing lands. They exported more than 440,000 guanaco pelts to Europe between 1972 and 1979 alone and fed the animal’s meat to their herding dogs. Even after guanacos were covered, in 1978, under the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES), hunting continued almost unabated.

Now an estimated two million guanacos inhabit a quarter of their former range, less than seven percent of their number when European settlers landed on the continent. As millions of indigenous guanacos, with their soft padded feet, were replaced with sharp-hooved European sheep, goats, and cattle, massive overgrazing of the delicate ecosystem ensued. The result was a process of widespread soil erosion that still threatens to turn all of Patagonia into a desert.

When wool prices reached their nadir, only 8.5 million sheep remained in Patagonia. (Marina’s family’s ranch, for which she is fighting for control, now has only 2,000 sheep from a high point of 6,000.) Some ranchers started abandoning their historical ranches and homes or renting out rooms to tourists traveling through. Some tried guanaco ranching.

1999 at the peak of that effort,

16 producers in the Rio Negro province sheared some 12,000 guanacos in 2003, selling the fiber for $150 a kilo to two middlemen exporters, who sent it on to Italy. (It’s an open secret that Italian mills misclassify guanaco and mix it into more marketable vicuña products.)

Gabriela Lichtenstein, a researcher at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) and a guanaco expert, estimates that, at present, there are fewer than 10 producers of guanaco fiber in all of Argentina. There’s Guenguel, a small estancia (ranch) in the Chubut province. Guenguel provides free-range guanaco fiber to a France-based luxury label pays about $400 per kilo for guanaco fiber, then ships it to Italian mills to be made into luxury scarves, hats, and sweaters. 

The regulations are quite a nightmare,” Two years ago its shipment got caught in customs purgatory for two months. “As the guanaco is protected, we have to deal with that. It’s the same for vicuña. But a lot of large brands with more resources deal with the vicuña fiber.”

In October, during the spring thaw, the cooperative’s workers haul water, food, and supplies 100 kilometers into the harsh, windswept landscape of the reserve to set up camp for production. Gauchos, the famous cowboys of Argentina, herd the wild guanacos by horseback down a kilometers-long chute into a wooden shelter, hog-tie them, and carefully shear them under the supervision of researchers to ensure they undergo as little stress as possible. Once untied, the naked guanacos defiantly spring to their feet and gallop off gazelle-like into the spring pampas to live another year in complete freedom.

just setting up the camp costs 800,000 Argentine pesos, or almost $19,000 USD. The environmental evaluation and permitting process for heading into the reserve is another costly tangle of red tape. All this is way more work and cost than rounding up guanacos on a private estancia and using already-built sheep-shearing infrastructure.

The cooperative came close to selling guanaco fiber to an Italian firm for $280 a kilogram, but negotiations fell through because of the difficulty of export. “It’s not as easy as you put it in DHL and send it to the U.S.,” Lichtenstein says.

For those of you that have visited Chile or Argentina take note

Ranchers in Chile and Argentina have no interest in eating the meat from guanaco, which they view as a pesky animal. They instead serve it to tourists, sell it to European restaurants… or feed it to their dogs


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Today we are taking a look back at the Vintage look Marilyn created with film called Niagara

Iconic Dresses & Suits

Niagara Quintessentially Chic inspired many Modern Love’s of Fame & Fashion

Love Harlette xx

Whats in a word “The Body” or “Tesla” does history indeed repeat?

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Not sure when you were born, if your a peace & loving hippie, a rude boy, a X generation, a gen Y or millennial or what ever happens next eg a tweenie Tik toker.

Words have meaning and meanings have words can words be repeated through out history.

The Body

Most people in the fashion world know the Body to be one iconic tall Aussie then many years later as Karl Lagerfeld Creative Director of Chanel asked what he thought of a Heidi Klum “Never heard of her” was his reply. Well she went on to marry a British guy called Seal run a few runways for Victoria Secrets & then one day curiously started calling herself the Body.

The 1st & Real Body was the 1st women in the world to be given a $1million dollar contract, un heard of at the time, and still one the greatest achievements in business for women at the time.

It was the time of the supermodels and blondie

The bit of the story that gets really bizarre is she then went after the business that the Body built “Elle Macpherson from Bendon” she kept calling herself the body and then Bendon launched Body with Heidi Klum. Its about as bizarre as it gets.

The question is, is hip to thigh equation 0.7, is it the cheek bone to to chin equation a bit like Mona Lisa circumference, is it the flat stomach or is the name?

Elle is the not the only person that has experience the double blind word steal or the story steal a guy who ended dying alone in a hotel room that invented things that today you cant even imagine his name was Tesla. In his spare time he built a power generator below the new yorker

The New Yorker, A Wyndham Hotel (newyorkerhotel.com)

Not to be confused with The Carlyle hotel that Marilyn Monroe is claimed to have an affair with President Kennedy.

Luxury Hotel in New York City | The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel (rosewoodhotels.com)

The Carlyle Group feature the same name as the hotel the legend goes is the home of of the rat packs sex parties. Marilyn also then resurfaced in the UK as a singer that took on Boy George

So fast forward today, and a car that also has a legal case against the company, with its autopilot being accused of causing the death of one of the passengers is using the same name, this guy using the name of Tesla many years later becomes all most a trillionaire with multiple government contracts, that the original Tesla was trying to get off the ground with very little success. How is it some of Nikola Tesla ideas are used with the company of the same name and sold to make a fortune for a man that doesn’t own his patents?

So do you think Success leaves clues or is the name is it copy cat

Can you think of anymore examples of people that have “borrowed” “begged” or “stolen” their names from other famous people to go on to take brazenly take fame for themselves

Its happening people SubOrbital Space

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Do you remember in 2012 when flights from Sweden to Space were being discussed its 2021 and finally the first flights to Sub Orbital are scheduled for 11th of July & 20th of July.

Rome wasn’t Built in a Day

In 2007 this announcement was made

PARIS–The Swedish government on Jan. 26 announced an agreement with suborbital space-tourism company Virgin Galactic that Swedish officials believe will lead to midsummer and mid-winter flights of Virgin’s SpaceshipTwo vehicle to observe the Aurora Borealis from Sweden.

The agreement, signed at the proposed future launch site inKiruna, Sweden, calls for no exchange of funds. Swedish officials say theKiruna facility, already known for launching suborbital sounding rockets and atmosphericballoons, has sufficient infrastructure to accommodate Virgin Galactic and thatno new investment is needed.

Olle Norberg, head of the Swedish Space Corp. Esrange launchsite in Kiruna, said the memorandum of understanding signed with Virgin Galacticcalls for Swedish authorities to prepare a regulatory regime modeled on whatthe U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is doing in the United States.

Spaceport America broke ground in New Mexico on 19 June 2009. The facility will allow private astronauts to take tourist suborbital spaceflights and bring down the cost of commercial space travel.

The spaceport features a cost-effective and energy-efficient green design. The terminal hangar was built according to the US Green Building Council’s LEED rating system.

While, the Mexican Government invested about $200m on its development, Virgin Galactic, a spaceline company poured $300m into a new space launch system to be operated from the spaceport.

The company is also looking at other potential spaceport locations around the world for future operations. Virgin Galactic signed an agreement with Spaceport Sweden in January 2006 to carry out studies leading to an operational agreement that this would be the first spaceport outside USA for Virgin Galactic flight campaigns. The studies include the feasibility of flights from Sweden into the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). The initial feasibility studies were completed by January 2008.

Blue Origin is taking a 82 year old to space July 20th

After a half-century of waiting, Wally Funk — who trained for NASA’s Mercury program but was denied the opportunity to go to space — is finally getting her time amongst the stars. She’s been selected by the one of the worlds richest man depending on the day, those stock markets can make or break you. Jeff Bezos, to accompany him, his brother, and an as-yet unknown auction winner on a suborbital trip. Blue Origin announced Thursday that the 82-year-old will take the fourth spot on the inaugural crewed flight of its New Shepard suborbital spacecraft, alongside Blue Origin the winner of an auction who forked over $28 million for the opportunity. (The auction winner’s name has yet to be announced.)

The only Swedish words I can muster up in relation to their contribution to this space journey,

I was taught these phrases from a Swedish Magician’s Wife at the Hard Rock Cafe (to cut a long story short)

Puss & Kram & Jag älskar dig

Political Private Jet Power Capital vs SuperModels Snap Chat & InstaGrams

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1st Stop


This blog is dedicated to women that have Power, and have not starved themselves to get there, lets ask the question who has more Power Angela Merkel as her plane touches down at Cornwall Airport for the G7 or Heidi Klum

If your challenged with Covid19 and how your adapting to the new you, before you starve yourself on the latest’s honey fast or nil by mouth ask yourself who’s expectation are you living up to. From Instagram Posts with a beer on the bench to Angela’s BBQ on the Cornish Beach with G7 leaders why is it that many people on Instagram believe that a flat stomach in a Bikini is more powerful that being a Political Leader. Whats the truth of Power? Is a political leader more powerful than a supermodel? One Claims to have a Jet Set lifestyle while the other one 100% is flown around the world in private jets and is not the one in the bikini.


Norway Prime Minister does she have more Power than the Norway’s 1st Supermodel ?

Political Wives

United States of America

Who has more power when you have both held the same Job Hilary Clinton or Melania Trump the 1st Lady

Reminds me of the Primal Scream song Come Together

Come together as one, this a beautiful day
It’s a new day

We are together, we are together
We are together, we are unified

We are together, we are unified because together we got power
Apart we got power, we are together

Come Together – YouTube

Harlette Platinum Collection

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Want to be Adorned the Harlette Platinum Collection gives you the ability to make your Lingerie Dreams Come True

Add some Morganites or Diamonds

Choose your Fabric

Add Diamonds & Pearls

Choose a Silk

Maybe Pretty In Pink is more your style

Maybe Full Transparency is more your style

In #Norway #Harlette was taught this saying


“Folk i Glasshus bør ikke gå rundt nakne”

roughly translates to

“People in Glasshouses should not walk around naked”

Fermez la porte derrière vous, il fait froid! Looking for a #CoverUp

#Spots or #Stripes our #CoutureCollection can make your #Lingerie Dreams come true

Choose a style from a TV show like Secret Diary & have it made for you

to make your lingerie dreams come true with Harlette Platinum Couture

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