A Taste of Jeddah and a new £288m Yacht for Roman Abramovich


So a taste of  Jeddah, my abaya was delivered the first day with a sim card to get me up and running enroute to an appointment at a hair salon with a swimming pool in it just to look at. Saudi Arabia is as mysterious as one imagines, it has layers and it has lots of love and affection.

People are amazingly kind, considerate and genuinely happy to help. I have a chauffeur that supposedly speaks German, English and Arabic.. So far I think English is his third language so there is lots of interesting adventures that Asraf has been taking me on, infact, he likes to go walk about in the middle of driving to stop and ask questions, leaving me in the car on the side of the road.

Asraf always returns eager to go another 1km before asking again fun and games fun and games… Our last little adventure after the hair salon, was to visit the Louis Vuitton store in Jeddah, unfortunately my timing was off and the store was closing for prayer time.

Shopping here is all about timing, as stores close a couple of times a day for prayer time, the interesting thing is if they are women only stores they can remain open, so that is why the ladies at La Perla on Thalia st, do so well. Yesterday I visited the ladies that I am currently training at their store.

I discovered lingerie Saudi style, and it fun and it free, things are slowly changing in Saudi Arabia and that is great to see. Saudi Arabia made important commitments on women’s rights, on ending the juvenile death penalty and on other human rights issues during its review by the UN Human Rights Council on June 10, 2009 in Geneva. To read more


On an interesting note Roman Abramovich is sending strong signal to the world that the recession is over. He has just purchased a military style super yacht, in what people first described as gun metal grey.. As you can see from the picture it is white. This new military style trend is increasing and costing €340m (£288m), it has many original features, including a German-built ­missile defence system – useful in the event of attack and is leading the trend in anti paparazzi technology.


The Eclipse set sail from Hamburg’s Blohm + Voss shipyard last week, and is due to be delivered to Abramovich next year, after the finishing touches have been applied. Nearly 170 metres long, it is bigger than Abramovich’s other three mega-yachts – and is 11 metres longer than the world’s previous biggest yacht, which belongs to Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai.


Wimbledon Fashion week is just under a week away and a little sneak peak of Angelic Alexandria is just how I will end this week. Miss Sonia Lipski is modelling this amazing piece, with black silk finishes on a highly  beaded ornamented black lace on white mesh. Its one of the show pieces for the Harlette Housecoat collection.


For those of you at Wimbledon next week please come and see the collection. Press opportunities are 1pm to 3pm 25th and all day 26th June. 

Wimbledon Fashion Week
Bar Sia, 105 – 109 The Broadway
Wimbledon, London SW19 1QG

Thursday 25th June, Press Day, 1 – 3pm
Friday 26th June, Public Day, 12 – 5pm

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