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Happy New Year wishing you a year of Harmony from Harlette

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One thing the world agrees on a midnight new years eve moving into the first moments of New Years day is Unity.

Then we forget and move into our fluffy slippers, newspapers, box sets, Netflix, isolation, nationalism, ideology, philosophy or just plain worry, tiredness, forgetfulness and fear.

One of the best quotes from house of cards

Harmony that’s the word that’s stuck in my mind, its not about what’s lasting or permanent, it’s about individual voices coming together for a moment … and that moment lasts the length of a breath…

That’s what I think of at New Year and how I can bring more of this into the rest of the year

Want greater harmony and balance with someone very special, remember the four T’s – tact, timing, trust &  (a tiny bit of ) telepathy

Starting with Oslo, Paris, Ho Chi Min City, London and Sydney.. all the cities that I have had the privilege of collecting ideas and meeting wonderful people during 2014

new_years_eve_fireworks_in_oslo_norway Paris hochimincity the shard _80006187_cba7b1d5-6003-4884-bb26-057bad2f860f5995262-3x2-700x467B6L_k7lCUAE9qATsydney

Bonne année tout le monde

felice anno nuovo il tempo per sognare

С Новым годом время мечтать

سنة جديدة سعيدة

 새해 복 많이 받으세요
שנה טובה ומבורכת
ευτυχισμένο το νέο έτος
bhliain nua sásta
chúc mừng năm mới

שנה טובה ומבורכת


नया साल मुबारक हो


felice anno nuovo

새해 복 많이

gelukkige nuwe jaar

glückliches neues Jahr

bhliain nua sásta

szczęśliwego nowego roku

godt nytt år

This is where I spent New Year in Norway minus 18 degrees

making love hearts in the snow and watching sunrises

over the same place Monet did back in 1895 when he created this piece of his collection


 IMG_2207 WP_20141229_14_50_15_Pro WP_20141229_14_51_10_Pro IMG_2213 IMG_2203 WP_20141227_08_33_36_Pro

godt nytt år from Norway 2015

May we strive for Harmony


The Eye of the Needle Ashmolean Museum Oxford

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Amazing pearls from the 17th century were viewed today with magnifying glasses on embroideries from the Feller Collection at Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. The standout piece of the whole Eye of the Needle collection was The Judgement of Paris © M & E Feller. Photo: R Holdsworth FRPS
Judgement of Paris

The Eye of the Needle will display, for the first time in public, a selection of eye-catching, virtuoso 17th-century embroideries from the internationally renowned Feller Collection, together with outstanding examples from the Ashmolean’s own holdings.

These remarkable embroideries include colourful raised and flatwork pictoral panels, beautiful samplers and household items such as boxes and cushions and dress accessories including caps, coifs and gloves.

The exhibition will explore the context in which these dramatic and technically exacting works were made, examining their importance in creating the ideal goodly and godly woman through the discipline of painstaking embroidery, reinforcing both social status and appropriate behaviour.

Exquisite objects in their own right made with colourful silks, pearls, and semi-precious stones, the embroideries also reflect the religious, political and social concerns of the English Civil War period.

The Eye of the Needle is curated by Dr Mary Brooks, University of Durham.



+44 1865 278002

+44 1865 278010


+44 1865 278106

Event Location:

Ashmolean Museum

Beaumont Street
Oxford, Oxfordshire OX1 2PH
United Kingdom

follow on twitter @AshmoleanMuseum

First Look: Sophia South Sea Pearl Lingerie by Harlette

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Last week Harlette Luxury Lingerie launched the new world class first of its kind Sophia range featuring South Sea Pearls

Lingerie insight had this to say

Harlette Luxury Lingerie has launched a new bespoke style, featuring real pearls.

The couture commission for the label’s new Sophia range consists of a black velvet luxury lingerie soft cup bra and knickers, each individually set with its own South Sea Pearl that conceals a clasp

to read more

A closer  look at the south sea pearl made available via harlette lingerie’s pinterest  is featured below

Luhho had this to say

Sofisticadas y sensuales, estas prendas de lencería son como una caricia para quien las porta y un destello para quien observa esa perfección que Harlette Pearl hace evidente desde su nombre, recordando aquellas joyas misteriosas y tan deseadas por muchos.


Yahoo Finance Singapore also featured the story to read more


Royal Wedding Over, No.1 Terriorist assassinated, what next? a touch of Picasso

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What a whirl wind of a week and a bit, in Henry VIII’s time an assignation usually preceded a wedding, but in 2011 UK’s basking in the glow of Pippa Middleton’s bottom and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s glorious royal wedding was quickly curtailed with the US’s well executed (pardon the pun) assassination of No.1 Terrorist Osama Bin Laden. 


When Britain was just about to settle into enjoying a nice long bank holiday, after the street parties of the century the president of the USA had to make an address that would change the tune of media themes from UK, Royal Weddings, Love, Hope and Happiness to USA, terrorism, assignation, and WAR. (oh dear)

Images of Pippa’s bottom and Kate’s two amazing dresses were quickly replaced with images of President Obama and Hilary Clinton watching a video of Osama’s death.. I know which one I preferred… and it was definitely not the later.

It was heartneing to see Saudi Royals attending the Royal Wedding as guests, Prince Alwaleed and Princess Ameera. The couple have a strong connection with the city of London with their work of refurbishing the iconic art deco hotel Savoy as well as Canary Wharf and Prince Awaleed bin Talal Islamic studies center at the University of Cambridge, which was formed with a donation from the Alwaleed bin Talal Foundation.

So what now, how does one lift ones spirits back to the pre wedding hope, well the only thing left really for a Londoner to do, if they have not already done so, is to toddle of the Tate, and see the world’s most expensive painting.

 A touch of the arts to lifts ones spirits, what a jolly good idea.  This Picasso was sold in New York last year for $106.5m (£65.5m), “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust is one of the sequence of paintings of Picasso’s muse, Marie-Therese Walter, made by the artist at Boisgeloup, Normandy, in the early months of 1932.

Rumour has it, according to luxist, is that the unnamed owner is Roman Abramovich and is being lent to the Tate until renovations are complete in his London apartment.  So while your milling about in front of the painting think back to the two royal kisses on the balcony, and what the cheeky Prince Harry whispered to Prince William, remember the carriage ride of two newly weds, welcomed by the sea of union jacks and the spring sunshine.

For it was a day 29th April 2011  to go down in history as a happy day and one that should have last well past bank holiday… I guess one just has to think of what Alex the banker would do…and follow his lead…

Aphrodisiacs and Aphrodite

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Aphrodisiac is a word that congers all sorts of things in the mind, witchcraft, lovers, potions, pills, fruits, fantasies and TROUBLE with a CAPITAL T…and the sound of bottle of pink champagne popping its cork.

The word is always associated with the love goddess Aphrodite of course the passion and the desire that aphrodisiac creates are surely out of this world. Throughout history, many foods, drinks, and behaviours have had a reputation for making sex more attainable and/or pleasurable.


It not just women that use fruits, to entice and delight,  Modern Man likes to call upon the sympathetic magic of oysters on a date ( because of their shape), and of course well matched with a glass of champagne. Also the art of bringing chocolates to the one that the love all increase little chemicals in the brain that help the pleasure centers associate good feeling towards the person that brought them..

The theme of Aphrosdisiacs are not new in the circles of artisans, courtesans, royalty,  lingerie companies, designers, movie makers and musicians. They all seem to draw inspiration from the same theme.

Lets look at the movie Marie Antoinette was released in 2006 and the song Aphrodisiac by BOW WOW WOW.

Fast forward to 2009 and interestingly enough a campaign for some very normal knickers called cotton tails by an Australian company called Bonds features Sarah Murdoch

Now for all you Bently and Art Buffs  boodling about in London…


The Bentley Styling and Design Art Project is starting now  and the aim of the project is to auction pieces of art created by the Bentley Styling and Design Team to raise money for The Christie, a specialist cancer centre which treats 40,000 patients a year and is an international centre for cancer research.

 Consisting of over 40 pieces, the collection of sculptures, paintings, digital art and photography has been created by 22 artists who are the talent and creative force behind the Bentley Styling and Design team.

Advance auction at  In addition to being able to view each piece and the artists

profile, you will also be able to place a bid online. 

 Selected items from the collection will also be on display in the Jack Barclay showroom Mayfair

towards the end of November.

The final auction will take place at Bonhams, London on Tuesday 1st December. There are limited places

available for interested bidders at this exclusive event. email with your full details.

Almost forgot the VIP list for Harlette is open email for one of the limited edition Northen Lights sets. 


These handmade  TIE ME UP TIE ME DOWN sets with Italian beaded tulle, silk, lace  and featuring marabou feathers. Just heaven. You will be prancing about with your partner in the little number..


Only 20 of these are being released to so be quick…

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Harlette’s Hot Tips for Hotel’s and the NEW VS £2 Million Diamond Bra Launched

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The one question I get asked the most is people asking where they should stay? The thrill of new lingerie is perfectly complemented with a little rendezvous.  The one tip I always like to remind people of  is remember if you are short on time hotels are happy to give you half day rates especially in Paris.

Now if your mind instantly thinks Paris, Luxe Hotel, Crillion and you are thinking booking the Crillion next month remember that La Bal  will be held this year on the 28th of November. 

Each year on thanks giving weekend 24 girls from prestigious families from 12 countries will be formally presented to around 300 guests and the media. The event is also to raise money for charity and each new debutante wears haute couture and couture gowns and jewellery from Adler, who is the jeweller to the ball.

Try my favourite hotel in Paris, its low-key, in the 16th district, 6 avenue Fremiet, 75016 Paris, France and has the most amazing baths wow, rain showers over king size round tubs in slate grotto’s with snipets of  a view of the Eiffle Tower. The best room is on the top floor, and on the ground floor it boasts the first champagne bar of its kind in Paris, sponsored by Veuve Cliquot.


The whole point of a rendezvous is to escape reality for a few hours, a night, a day or a whole weekend, its time for you and your partner to recharge and indulge in some recharging your power source just like recharging your ipod or mobile phone.


So if you thinking the Amsterdam is just Hardcore and for Boys trips to escorts think again. The Dylan is one of Amsterdam’s best kept secrets well almost they won the Netherlands leading hotel in 2008. A boutique hotel with themed rooms. We personally tried out the Klassbols



Now finding a hotel in London that fits the sensuality factor can sometimes be difficult, most people head for the Park Lane strip in Mayfair, especially the Dorchester or the Metropolitan, but for those that want something discreet romantic and not full of escorts and business men,  you have to head to Kensington 


Harlette’s  hot tip is The Gore, especially as it has the same appeal as the Milestone but just a little lighter on the budget. The Lady Blessington  room is a tradition with a twist.

Of course the big news this week is Victoria Secrets release of their diamond bra. This year the budget has been cut, to reflect the times and the bra is valued at £2million pounds.

The Harlequin Fantasy Bra worn by Victoria Secrets Angel Marisa Miller features a very rare, 16-carat heart-shaped champagne diamond pendant. “Surrounding this beautiful jewel are more than 2,350 brilliant-cut white, champagne and cognac-coloured diamonds.


The “Harlequin Fantasy Bra,” as it has been named, was designed by Italian jewelry house Damiani and manufactured at the brand’s workshop in Valenza, Italy.

A team of 15 artisans labored for more than 800 hours to produce the bra’s gold framework and hand-set its nearly 150 carats of diamonds. Each link of the bra’s intertwining gold frame, as well as all of the feather-like gold elements that line the bra, were mounted individually and move independently.

After the diamonds were set, the artisans set to burnishing the gold, protecting each stone with an enamel solution before submerging the piece in a rhodium bath. The final result: a striking contrast between the sparkle of the diamonds and the darkened gold.


Of course it’s not just Victoria Secrets that work with diamond’s Harlette Luxury Lingerie have their own Luxury Objet D’art that is patented and is an invitation only exclusive service that supplied had crafted limited edition pieces to purveyors of luxury lingerie that is world-class.


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OO LA LA Casting Call for Sexy Secretive Sirens High Powered High Sexed Women Wanted

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This week Harlette received an email from a TV producer developing a new CW TV series called “Secrets.”  The CW, as you probably know, is best known for series like The Vampire Diaries, Melrose Place, 90210, Gossip Girl, etc.  She has asked Harlette Luxury Lingerie  to help further broadcast their casting search to our group members at our next high tea or send out a group message or perhaps blog about it? 


So we have said yes to all, we have put links on facebook and now on our weekly blog



So here goes…

We’re looking for truly sophisticated, smart and supremely glamorous women who are extremely sexually active and revel in that.  I’m sure you have a ton of questions – please visit our show’s website on the CW main page (to get there directly it’s

 Best and thanks!


The CW television network is CASTING NOW!


The CW television network is looking for successful, professional women who feel they’re leading a double-life – polished on the outside, out of control on the inside.  Women who are keeping a secret from their friends, family and colleagues – habits such as an active sex life or an addiction to men. 


We’re looking for women who manage highly successful careers with a VERY active sex life. 


Do you race from the boardroom to the dance floor of the trendiest, hippest night clubs every weekend? 


Are you proud of how well you juggle your job and the five-+ men that you’re dating? 


Are you empowered enough to not even bother dating anyone?


Do your friends tell you that you have WAY too many sexual partners? 


Do you crave sex? Is it all you can think about?


If this sounds like your story please get in touch with our casting team and apply to be a part of this cutting-edge new television series:  

 or shoot us an email at!


 Of will need to pack a few outfits, so here is Harlette Luxury Lingerie’s suggestions


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