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Postcards from Paris

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Snow Snow Snow and more Snow, with the collection getting almost stuck in London, getting to the 50th Anniversary Paris Lingerie Show this year is an adventure all on it’s own, but that is a story for another time.

On Stand B80 our little pocket of Paris Heaven, the new pieces look stunning, lots of people are having fun coming up and touching the fabulous feathers and leaving with a smile.

We have a few Postcards from Paris to share with you for your enjoyment.

 Huntress Savannah Launched Paris Lingerie Show Jan 2013

Huntress Savannah Launched Paris Lingerie Show Jan 2013

Crystal Palace Harlette Couture Launched Paris Lingerie Show Jan 2013

Crème Contessa launched Paris Lingerie Show Jan 2013

Crème Contessa launched Paris Lingerie Show Jan 2013 made with SWAROVSKI elements

Enchantress Electra launched Paris Lingerie Show Jan 2013

Enchantress Electra launched Paris Lingerie Show Jan 2013 made with SWAROVSKI elements


Harlette Collection Shots from V Magazine Valentines Day Video

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Pieces selected by stylist Simon Gensowski appearing in V Magazine Valentines Day film directed by Justin Wu are as follows

Salon International de la Lingerie 2012 Live from Paris

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Its day 3 of the Salon International de la Lingerie, and we are live from Paris, stand N 24

We have met some amazing lingerie boutiques from all over the world and had the privilege to share our new GIVE LOVE SHINE LIGHT collection MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Of course everyone is fascinated by the pieces that Billie Piper & Edward K Gibbon selected for Secret Diary and the quote of the show so far from one boutique

Who would not love one of your Harlette feather housecoats

We have to agree, our pink Fyrstinne Feather housecoat featured in episode 5 of Secret Diary is one luxury a lady has to have.

Runway Roses is being fawned over by everyone and we might just have a surprise for you next month… more about this later.

The collection pieces

Such as our Double Trouble Kimono & matching Tie Me Up Tie Me Down Luxury Lingerie set

is dazzling international buyers

Harlette Hits the Spot

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Whether you are partial to a bit of leopard and lace, consider yourself a bit of a cougar, or  like it just a bit on the sweet side as a Sugar Mummy, and goes without saying as a sugar daddy.

Harlette hits the spot with our diamond and platinum suspender clips.

There is a lot of talk about town, twitter and facebook on the topic of  that TV shows are having a positive effect on lingerie sales. The more women are seen having relationships with younger men on the TV the more  lingerie is being bought for the age group of 40 to 50-year-old women with London is reporting the most noticeable increase.

The annual migration to Canne has begun and the two-week film festival is full of events and reasons to be putting your best feet, legs, knickers, suspenders and bras forward.

Paparazzi, stars and the high net worth will spend the next two weeks soaking up the sunshine, watching films and attending parties and charity functions such as the third annual Better World Awards in Cannes on May 19. Sean Penn will honor “Heroes” star Jimmy Jean-Louis. as well as Naomi Campbell in Cannes on May 19. Gerard ButlerJulian LennonBoris BeckerFlavio Briatoreand Kenneth Cole are also on the list for the evening, which benefits Hollywood Unites for Haiti. 

The gala is such a hot ticket that a bunch of invites were stolen from the print shop. Event planners International Luxury Media are screening crashers by giving bona fide guests a secret RSVP code. E mail for tickets.

Harlette Takes Over a Tall Ship

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Harlette Luxury Lingerie photo shoot on board the historic ‘James Craig’ barque in Sydney on December 12, 2009.

As you may know already the line of luxury lingerie will feature at the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris on January 23-25, 2010. Made from lavish fabrics and trimmings, with inspiration from Hollywood, Royalty, the Tudor and Baroque periods and anything French of course.

Harlette’s extravagant designs have been created for the discerning lingerie-lover. With the current popularity in vintage styling, Harlette’s latest range includes fabrics and adornments in embellished crystal- beaded French lace, silks, Italian jewel-encrusted tulle, velvets and, of course, marabou, ostrich and peacock feathers.

Working one-to-one with clients to make their dreams come true, every piece is handmade so it becomes the client’s own signature piece.  Harlette is expanding, has clients from all over the world including Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, and Malaysia and will be launching a retail range in Paris the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris on January 23-25, 2010.

The shoot was covered by AFP and has been featured on CNN, Wall St Journal, Hindustan Times, AFPBB Japan, AFPBB Korea, La Stampa  in Italy and NDTV in India

To keep up with Harlette Luxury Lingerie’s travels, follow them on Twitter or join them on their Facebook page Harlette.

Behind the scenes shots.

Bloggers in Italy & Japan have had this to say about Harlette

According to an Italian style blog when it viewed recent pictures of the women’s collection

Roughly Translated from Italian to English

“intimate garments aimed at the ladies who love to wear luxury fashion and traditional, classic and sexy at the same time and the fascinating “  The fashion brand has a target Harlette very high, with heads intimate luxury, ranging worn on special occasions, under clothes precious. For a lingerie there repeats the traditional canons of fashion without exaggerating too much detail too pompous. Luxury si’, ma senza per questo essere troppo invadenti o difficili da indossare. Luxury is’, but without being too intrusive or difficult to wear.. 

Il marchio di moda, infatti, ha portato in passerella a Sidney , in Australia, una sua The fashion brand, in fact, led the catwalk in Sydney, Australia its collection of lingerie for women is classic and classy  The models of Harlette leading for the woman of a certain class that wants to seduce with style and class. Per una moda tradizionale, che ci propone la classicita’, che, a dire il vero, ha la capacita’ di non passare mai di moda .For a traditional fashion, which gives us the classics, which indeed, has the ability not to go out of style.

In Japan.

In Japan a blogger who also saw pictures of the recent photoshoot in preparation for the launch of the Harlette Collection at Salon International De La Lingerie 2010 said this.

What celebrity lingerie for ladies. I would feel like lingerie news ♪ There are 10 picture cards. どのランジェリーも素敵です♪ Lingerie which is also nice ♪ Sukesuke of a beautiful gown and even inspired me like a princess ♪ Systems have a lot of love and light pink, it is exciting just to have a photo ♪

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Aphrodisiacs and Aphrodite

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Aphrodisiac is a word that congers all sorts of things in the mind, witchcraft, lovers, potions, pills, fruits, fantasies and TROUBLE with a CAPITAL T…and the sound of bottle of pink champagne popping its cork.

The word is always associated with the love goddess Aphrodite of course the passion and the desire that aphrodisiac creates are surely out of this world. Throughout history, many foods, drinks, and behaviours have had a reputation for making sex more attainable and/or pleasurable.


It not just women that use fruits, to entice and delight,  Modern Man likes to call upon the sympathetic magic of oysters on a date ( because of their shape), and of course well matched with a glass of champagne. Also the art of bringing chocolates to the one that the love all increase little chemicals in the brain that help the pleasure centers associate good feeling towards the person that brought them..

The theme of Aphrosdisiacs are not new in the circles of artisans, courtesans, royalty,  lingerie companies, designers, movie makers and musicians. They all seem to draw inspiration from the same theme.

Lets look at the movie Marie Antoinette was released in 2006 and the song Aphrodisiac by BOW WOW WOW.

Fast forward to 2009 and interestingly enough a campaign for some very normal knickers called cotton tails by an Australian company called Bonds features Sarah Murdoch

Now for all you Bently and Art Buffs  boodling about in London…


The Bentley Styling and Design Art Project is starting now  and the aim of the project is to auction pieces of art created by the Bentley Styling and Design Team to raise money for The Christie, a specialist cancer centre which treats 40,000 patients a year and is an international centre for cancer research.

 Consisting of over 40 pieces, the collection of sculptures, paintings, digital art and photography has been created by 22 artists who are the talent and creative force behind the Bentley Styling and Design team.

Advance auction at  In addition to being able to view each piece and the artists

profile, you will also be able to place a bid online. 

 Selected items from the collection will also be on display in the Jack Barclay showroom Mayfair

towards the end of November.

The final auction will take place at Bonhams, London on Tuesday 1st December. There are limited places

available for interested bidders at this exclusive event. email with your full details.

Almost forgot the VIP list for Harlette is open email for one of the limited edition Northen Lights sets. 


These handmade  TIE ME UP TIE ME DOWN sets with Italian beaded tulle, silk, lace  and featuring marabou feathers. Just heaven. You will be prancing about with your partner in the little number..


Only 20 of these are being released to so be quick…

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Shocking Odds To Win although the best news is Harlette’s VIP List is Now Open

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Well with a horse named shocking that grabbed the media headlines with winning the Melbourne Cup, what is left to write about, but horses, behaviour, lingerie styles, seeing Barry Humphries in his bathrobe or my broken toe…

shocking horse

Here goes, a horse called shocking with odds of 10 won the Melbourne Cup, of course insiders do agree that the best horse won on the day and Crime Scene of course came second and Mourilyan third.  The theme of yesterday was so aptly set by the GIGI, that it continued well on into the night.

barry humphries

When I was sauntering home and discovered Barry Humphries in his bathrobe in a place that will be undisclosed to protect all parties..  Of course Dame Edna was no where to be seen when I rushed past and realised that it was Mr Humphries himself

barry humphries 2

Of course  it was extremely shocking when I broke my toe last night, long story but I was wearing Bunny Ears and Swarovski Crystal high heels. Still shocking one day later is the pain and having to write this without the aid of an icepack and all attempts of elevation have been thwarted.. Yet in the feeble attempts of practicing weightlessness in the bath, I got to thinking about lingerie, women and men.

Women we are crazy creatures we need the stars, the moon, the planets all to line up for us to feel well sexy desirable and gorgeous. From my understanding of feedback from my customers husbands, boyfriends and lovers, men are quite the opposite, romance does not require much at all…..


So why are we so different and how do we meet in the middle at all if we hold such different view points. Like a bolt of thunder and a strike of lightning, clique as it may seem, that a lingerie blogger would come to this conclusion, that lingerie does bridge a big gap in fascilitating the meeting of the middle of the minds of man and woman.


Woman’s need for sensuality, sensory tactile overload  is compensated by mans need to be visually stimulated, So woman when they select lingerie select for reasons of covering up and enhancing, while all the while waving a red flag to a bull . Lingerie is the red flag, man is the bull and woman must be the bolero wearing  matador singing I am lover not a fighter.


Anyway this weeks blog I promised was going to brief, so brief that its going to finish up on the final note about Harlette’s VIP list. 20 lucky people are able to get a limited edition set of TIE ME UP TIE ME DOWN Italian beaded tulle and lace set featuring marabou feathers. Just heaven..

Email if you want at set,

Be quick we are at 14 places left already and its only been open a day…after this there will be none left..

Remember get your hands on Harlette before someone else does!!!

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