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The Luxury Jetset Bikini by Harlette

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100% Made in France

Jetset Luxury Bikini by Harlette began life in France just a few days ago, it took just 5 day to make. The bikini left France Monday, arrived in London Tuesday, passed through Miami Friday, to arrive in the Caribbean Saturday to be the star in a sizzling hot beach shoot on the island of Curacao.


The bikini, then crescendo’s as the final closing Showpiece for Harlette catwalk in the Caribbean on Saturday night 12th March as part of the opening show Day 2 International Swim Fashion Week Curacao at Papagayo Resort as mentioned by Harpers Bazar Malaysia



Harlette, already has received orders back in London the day after the show for Jetset Luxury Bikini to be Show, Click & Buy.

This Bikini travels just as much as you.

So if your in London or New York and want it delivered to you in Monaco, Dubai, Tokyo or Caribbean,

Harlette will deliver to you any where in the world.

Pre Order 100% Made in France JetSet Bikini here and experience a complete certain luxury experience with every detail designed for you especially the jewellery features.

After the show, people said they really enjoyed the music.

The Harlette Swim Parade 2016 ~#isfwcuracao track list

The Show opened with

Track 1: 2012·Baccara – Yes Sir, I Can Boogie / Cara Mia (1977) RCA Victor

Track 2: Tape Five – La Passifleur

Track 3: Chic – Le Freak

Track 4: David Bowie – Lets Dance

Track 5: Inxs  – Need You Tonight

This show closed with

Track 6: Kylie – All the Lovers
Love Harlettelipstick-kiss



Happy New Year 2014 Shimmer & Shine

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We start this year’s celebrations at the Top of the World

Gurung girls wearing traditional costumes dance while taking part in a New Year parade in Kathmandu

खुसी नयाँ वर्ष

new-years-nepal 2 new-years-nepal_0

Shine & Shimmer Sydney 2014

3fd5d51b111e7d2c470f6a7067000924 0b393dbcb7a7f5e0e6ff342549cccde2739794d4


From the Eye on Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Eye of London

 32d895498ee1ab92adc833ea4130c888f2959b23  2014-01-01T005127Z_1983991589_GM1EA110OJ401_RTRMADP_3_BRITAIN

To Paris &  Vieux Port (Old Port) of Marseille, southern France

  new-years-paris Par7753928


2013-12-31T212653Z_325262408_GM1EA110F2C01_RTRMADP_3_UAE 2ea30bfa8e65ec2891da5b223098eb83fe37afba

Hong Kong


Walking home New Years Russia style


Members of the “Cryophil” winter swimming
club walk along the Yenisei River holding a Christmas tree, during a New Year
celebration in air temperatures of minus 5 degrees Celcius (23 degrees
Fahrenheit) in Russia’s Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk

Bonne année tout le monde

felice anno nuovo il tempo per sognare

С Новым годом время мечтать

سنة جديدة سعيدة

 새해 복 많이 받으세요
שנה טובה ומבורכת
ευτυχισμένο το νέο έτος
bhliain nua sásta
chúc mừng năm mới

שנה טובה ומבורכת


नया साल मुबारक हो


felice anno nuovo

새해 복 많이

gelukkige nuwe jaar

glückliches neues Jahr

bhliain nua sásta

szczęśliwego nowego roku

godt nytt år

Confetti is dropped on revelers at midnight during New Year's Eve celebrations in Times Square in New York

Times Square New York Style

Watch here thanks to the Telegraph all the shimmer and shine from Sydney


The 5 Million Dollar Colt

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The soon to be history making 5 million dollar colt brother to black caviar lot 131 Inglis yearling sales 9th April 2013

Hi I am back blogging this week, after a showcase of inspired guest bloggers.

This week we are on one of my favourite topics the yearling sales live from Sydney, Australia.

All bets were off when sales records were smashed for a colt by the millions of dollars for the Inglis Easter Yearling Sale.

The tension during day one as lot 131 got closer to entering the auction sales ring was electric.

During the first part of the morning a colt from Fastnet Rock sold for six hundred thousand dollars to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Maktoum.

55 B. Has Pictures Has Videos Colt Fastnet Rock Cinq Rouge Glastonbury Farms, Scone Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Maktoum UNITED ARAB EMIRATES $600,000

Then the million dollar barrier was broken with lot 82 another colt by Fastnet Rock being bought by Coolmore and the China Horse Club for One Million Five Hundred Thousand dollars.

82 B. Has Pictures Has Videos Colt Fastnet Rock Dream Play (USA) Kia-Ora Stud, Scone T Magnier for Coolmore / China Horse Club $1,500,000
Lot 115 Fastnet Rock Gamberi

115 a filly by Fastnet Rock Gamberi by Coolmoore

A little later in the afternoon my favourite lot 115 a filly Fastnet Rock Gamberi sold for seven hundred and ten thousand to BC3 Thoroughbreds.

115 B. Has Pictures Has Videos Filly Fastnet Rock Gambei Coolmore Stud, Jerry’s Plains BC3 Thoroughbreds  VIC $710,000

Then the two million dollar mark was broken for a Fastnet rock colt bought by John Warren Coolmore and China Horse Club for two million four hundred thousand dollars.

123 B. Has Pictures Colt Fastnet Rock Gold Anthem Tyreel Stud, Agnes Banks J Warren for Coolmore / China Horse Club $2,400,000

History was made a few minutes later with a cool five million dollars paid for the brother of Black Caviar by BC3 Thoroughbreds who just beat a syndicate bid with Adam Sangster stopping at four million nine hundred thousand dollars.

Here is the closing moments of the history making five million dollar colt auction live  

131 B. or Br. Has Pictures Colt Redoute’s Choice Helsinge Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington, Vic BC3 Thoroughbreds VIC $5,000,000

Congratulations Reem Asaad – Highest New Entry Power 500 List – Arabian News

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Our good friend Reem Asaad and inspiration behind the the KSA Lingerie Campaign that Harlette ran the training for back in 2009, is the Highest new entry on the Power List 500 by Arabian News and the highest ranked woman.

According to Arabian News

Reem Asaad entered the Power 500 list as the highest ranked women and the highest new entry. It was four years ago when she first launched a campaign calling for better employment opportunities for women and improved consumer rights. The “Lingerie Campaign” gained international recognition stirring many underlying issues about women in Saudi Arabia. She argued that women should be allowed to work in lingerie shops in the Kingdom. Last July, her campaign paid off when the Saudi Labour Ministry banned men from working in lingerie shops after a directive from King Abdullah – in an instant, creating 44,000 jobs for women.”

Congratulations Reem to read the whole article please click here

Harlette™ the World

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There are many luxury lingerie companies…but only one with diamond and platinum suspender clips!

Harlette™ is the only precious metal and precious stone suspender garter clips concept in the world.

The Harlette™ brand is constantly in the public psyche through Harlette’s unique designs. National and International radio, TV, newspaper and magazine appearances, as well as her work with various celebrities and Lingerie Campaigns. (To view a range of National and International press please click here.)

Harlette can command a great deal of PR whenever Harlette™ enters a new territory.

To view the launch of our collections in Paris please click here.




Harlette™  has always aimed at offering a high quality product with the main emphasis being on offering genuine luxury products. It has never been our aim to become a mass market, lingerie chain offering products made in China, with fabrics that are found in multiple labels each season.

 Our lingerie sets are of a premium quality, made with 100% originality, sourcing precious metals and precious stones, matched with French, Italian, British, Australian and Swiss fabrics. For this reason, we will only partner with companies and individuals who share our ethos and mission.

In essence, Harlette™ offers a range of genuine, quality lingerie products which enrich people’s love lives and take their lounging time to the next level. This strong ethos is supported by the International Face of Luxury Lingerie with patent’s for removable, decorative suspender clips. Our mission to ‘Harlette™ the World’ sets Harlette™ Luxury Lingerie firmly apart from all other Luxury Lingerie companies.

 Harlette™ Luxury Lingerie is taking Harlette™ to the World

One lingerie set at a time via the new website that is being released just in time for your summer loving.

Harlette’s™ best known sets are available for purchase world-wide directly from the site  and include American Belle voted 3 in top 10 lingerie sets by Intima Magazine and showcased at an Oscars Style Lounge  in Hollywood

American Belle Housecoat

American Belle Tie Me Down Knickers
More Details
American Belle Tie Me Up Bra
More Details

For those that like their lingerie black, the Rendezvous Renaissance set is your signature style and matching lounge kittens sheer housecoat. This set has been seen in La Stampa, NDTV, AFP, CNN and seen on the Catwalk in Paris at Salon International de la Lingerie .

Lady Lounge Kitten Housecoat
More Details
Rendezvous Renaissance Bra
More Details
Rendezvous Renaissance French Knickers
More Details

Last but not least the sensual cami silk and french lace set Double Trouble as seen in Wall St Journal

Double Trouble Luxurious Lounge Set
More Details

Of course Harlette™ Homme Consort Collection Velvet Boxers are available , these featured in Trends Update Valentine’s Day 2010: 10 of the Best Luxurious Gifts for Him.

Consort Boxers Classic
More Details


Enjoy xxx

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In 1946, France declared the BIKINI was born when designer Louis Reard named his piece after the bikini atoll, where America had been testing the atom bomb. Although at the time it was considered too shocking and indecent to wear, it was modeled by a show girl. One year later in 1947 in Venice Beach California, a woman was arrested for wearing a BIKINI.


Fast Forward just 60 years to Aug 2009, and we are seeing FRANCE,  declaring war on a woman named Carol, in a bathing hall, she was banned for wearing a BURKINI,


Essentially a lycra swimsuit, those seen quite regularly at the Olympics, doned by buff swimmers, remenicent of the long johns and bathing caps think IAN THORPEDO THORPE.

 ianthorpe  ianthorpe2

Less than a week later, the Italy jumps onboard and decide to ban the BURKINI, women wearing the garment made up of a veil, a tunic and loose leggings face a fine of 500 euros ($A850) if spotted at swimming pools or riversides in the northern Piedmont town of Varallo Sesia.


 Mayor Gianluca Buonanno was quoted as saying.”The sight of a ‘masked woman’ could disturb small children not to mention problems of hygiene,” “We don’t have to be tolerant all the time,” he said. Justifying the move, Buonanno added: “Imagine a Western woman bathing in a bikini in a Muslim country. The consequences could be decapitation, prison or deportation. We are merely prohibiting the use of the burqini.”

I mean if it was BORAT, showing up in his mankini I would totally understand, the ban


Public adoption of lingerie and swimwear fashion, even in main stream France  is very behind, take the G-string, basically this lingerie item has been a burlesque staple 85 years before it hits the beaches in southern France in early 1970s.

The debate, between lingerie and swimwear trends is one of extremes ,one occurs inside a private place, or private restricted club and the other occurs outside in the general public where all ages of society interact and socialise.

This debate that the mayor in Italy introduces about “scaring the children” introduces a new level of fear into society “of woman dressed in black”  a little reminiscent of the a witch hunt in  of 1500’s if I may be so bold. 

Speaking of modern witch hunts on February 16, 2008 a Saudi woman, Fawza Falik, was arrested and convicted of witchcraft and now faces imminent beheading for sorcery unless the King issues a rare pardon.


In the 1920’s, 1960’s it was fear of the promiscious women, the openly available women that bring disorder to society with her brazen ways and open dress, in 2009 its fear of the unavailable woman bringing disorder to our society for not wanting to conform to enticing sexuality amongst society.

What is a woman to do????

In the early 1900’s an Australian really was the start of this movement, The modern “bikini  wars” started to emerge  in 1907, when an Australian swimmer and performer Annette Kellerme the Diving Venus was arrested on a Boston beach for wearing a form-fitting one-piece which became an accepted swimsuit for women by 1910.

Annette Kellerman

The 1920’s- 1930’s really was when all the liberation was really taking place, that is why it so interesting that in 2009, when we have seen semi indications that fashion and finances are looking back to this time. We are seeing a resurgence in jewellers inspired by art deco, pundits comparing our financial markets corrections with the crash of 1929 and the great depression of the 1930’s and yet around this back drop is the ever changing understanding of civil liberties in what one can and cannot wear..


Bras that were once burned, are now  held high and waved about to improve pricing structures, or demanding a level of service without men, especially if they are DD cup or larger. 

Now the level of flesh that one deems socially acceptable is being challenged, France and Italy are saying no to modesty and yes to exhibitionism, in a “STAND” against ” THE SO CALLED ENEMY”… “THE BURKINI”

Are we in the midst of a political issue, or just a fashion trend cycle, that is it normal for us, rebelling against what is, to make way for change. Will this ban on Burka’s, Burkini’s etc accellerate the use of these items throughout western society at an even faster rate..


My personal opinion is while Madonna is still in leotards,  I think its safe to say that SIN is STILL IN, but if they next show that


 madonnabirkini1 madonnaHardCandy





Lady GA GA 

 ladygagaburkini2  ladygagaburkini3 ladygagaburkini LadyGaGa hoods


LILY ALLEN   LiileyallenBurkini3   LiileyallenBurkini2

Bring to the world, have full length Lycra leotards with hoods, then we are indeed in for a little bit of trouble…Well at least we can all take comfort in the fact that it will be sometime still, until Lilly Allen has perfected the look, any way….


Personal Preference is Paramount and just like burning of the bra has come full pendulum back to using the bra as an economic symbol are we now about to witness the BIKINI WARS.

Where the front lines will be fought over the BURKINI and “the right not to show flesh”,  while riding the waves in Positano and paddling in the Parisian le piscine’s.

Time will tell, what next banning wetsuits for divers and surfers for what could be interpreted as sympathetic inspired attire???

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Is the Scantily Clad Lingerie Model, on the Way Out?

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After lasts weeks look at Bracononics Part 2 this week we get to ask the question

Is the scantily clad Lingerie model, on the way out?


Headlines around the world have covered the first 26 Saudi Arabian graduates trained in the Art of Selling Lingerie. Harlette have been clearly paying attention to this story and for very good reason, as Harlette Luxury Lingerie trained them.The Star newspaper in Malaysia recently ran this article on the Saudi Arabia lingerie campaign.


Since I have returned to Sydney from Jeddah, via London and Kuala Lumpur, I regret that I have not had the contemplation time to review the events, the reactions and the future for the lingerie campaign in Saudi Arabia in the manner I wish to.

What I have noticed though, is the reaction of people, the line of questions and the general sensationalistic attitudes that people hold to the Saudi Arabian society. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be writing about sex and Saudi Arabia in the same sentence.

Yet it appears that, sex, sex appeal, and the effect of lingerie in the Saudi Arabian society is the topic most allured to in communications from reporters, friends, family and associates. I have tried to get people back on track and talk about the graciousness, the openess, the kindness and the self worth of women that I have encountered.


So instead of avoiding the issue of Sex in Saudi, by watching sex and the city reruns and a bit of Nip & Tuck. Its time to write about it, its time to face the fact, that I stood with my top off, , just in my bra for half an hour to encourage a group of women I had never met before to overcome the fear of fitting a bra, as reported in the newpaper.


Deep breathe , deep breath…This act of bravery, actually was the pivot point in gaining trust, overcoming the idea of acceptable modesty and possibly separating the issue away from piety (Taqwa) for just one moment, in the safety of the classroom environment.

In days to follow, the abaya was removed for many students, yet some refrained for I can understand that to keep it on may have kept a level of personal safety, one could remain pious, while still learning what was being demonstrated. One could feel safe for I agree one could feel very safe behind an abaya, it was like the invisible cloak, every imperfection, every flaw, everything that one could see about ones physical body was suddenly out of the equation.


Yet the decoration, and embellishment still could make a person feel the effects of a class structure etc. Indeed the idea of what is behind the abaya is infinitely more interesting than anything else in Saudi Arabia. So has Islam got it right???


Is the scantily clad lingerie model, on the way out especially given the birth rate of 3.83, Saudi is 49th highest in the world according to the CIA .When you compare this to China the 158th country in the world with a rate of 1.79. Does the world really find modesty more sexually provocative than the open canvas of page 3 glamour models and Victoria secrets Christmas parades.


Is what, the mind imagines what is under the abaya, infinitely more sexually arousing to a man than actually seeing the lingerie. Is the abaya really a sex symbol in its own right? I would love to do a study on this.


Seriously the main questions I was asked by very intelligent men, with great professions were as follows

  1. Did you see a beheading?  No, but if it’s any conciliation I did visit the place that they took place in.
  2. Did I see a stoning , No, remember I was there giving a lecture series in a women’s only college and outside of this, I was visiting lingerie stores , talking with male shop assistants, that had clearly never seen the likes of a customer like me before and the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Women were mainly intrigued with how comfortable it was to wear the abaya and how it felt to wear it. It was liberating, it was freeing and you felt safe wearing the abaya.
  4. I did conduct field experimentation, by wearing a knee length skirt, full jacket and my knee high boots under the abaya and I have to say it was a very crazy new experience. It felt so right but so wrong all at the same time. Although I was not doing anything wrong, I knew that there was about 2 to 3 cm of skin exposed between where the boot finished and the hem line of the skirt ended. The feeling of the abaya against my skin was somehow rather decadent.

Its not my place to quote sections of Islamic literature or highlight moral, spiritual or ethical laws, for I have never lived in Saudi Arabia, I have never been educated in Qur’an and I have never experienced anything more than the two weeks I was lecturing.

I could demonstrate my researching abilities by throwing in a reference or two, but that is not my place in this world, I will leave this to dedicated scholars that have taken the years to study the text, and make informed interpretations that will not morally offend anyone.

My place is simply to observe and report the experience that surrounded my trip related to art of selling lingerie in Saudi Arabia, the future role that women will play in this dynamic industry and the crazy folk back home that do not stop for a second to think that Saudi Arabian people are just the same as you and I.

Ok, there may be a rich tapestry of dynastic royal families, an oil well or two in a few back gardens and of course the old point about Mohammed v’s Jesus. Essentially we are the same, and whether one wears an abaya out to do a spot of shopping, and such, should not create such a sexual hysteria in the minds of our global consciousness.


Seriously people get over it, let people live their lives according to how they see fit, and France beware that banning the burka, or an abaya is only going to drive the demand and the desire to wear it in the west even higher. Prejudicial behaviour because of one’s attire is hypocritical, especially when the west set out to liberate all in the name of what good for a nation..


Think of how badly we have treated Punks, nuns, hippies, Jews and Muslims alike for a way that they have dressed. Even poor old Jordon, Miss Katie Price gets torn to shreds when she gives the public what they want, when she glams it up like only a glamour model knows best, forums of chat rooms, pages of tabloids critize her for her short skirts, and platform boots and shock horror a cleavage showing outfit or two.


I think society needs to work out what they want, so it’s ok to be one thing in a flat lifeless page, but to live it and breathe it is another thing. We love Victoria Secrets Christmas Parades but do you want to live with a scantily clad glamazon 24 hrs a day???

Men I believe you will answer no, why because it would require you to be the glamazon’s equal 24 hrs a day, surely you would encounter performance issues, caring issues, hair issues, and his or hers times at the tanning salon will get all muddled up.


With an Abaya it keeps it simple, it keeps it in the mind, it’s give society to time to plan, time to imagine and a right time and place for whatever it is that you are thinking in the first place.

Big Carrie

So now that I have written, and thought about Sex and Saudi Arabia in the same sentence, can I get back to Sex in the City re runs…I love the Big and Carrie romance so much… for yes I am in love with a fairytale…

 After all isn’t the Abaya part of it…

The Saudi Arabia fairytale that is…..


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