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The Luxury Jetset Bikini by Harlette

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100% Made in France

Jetset Luxury Bikini by Harlette began life in France just a few days ago, it took just 5 day to make. The bikini left France Monday, arrived in London Tuesday, passed through Miami Friday, to arrive in the Caribbean Saturday to be the star in a sizzling hot beach shoot on the island of Curacao.


The bikini, then crescendo’s as the final closing Showpiece for Harlette catwalk in the Caribbean on Saturday night 12th March as part of the opening show Day 2 International Swim Fashion Week Curacao at Papagayo Resort as mentioned by Harpers Bazar Malaysia



Harlette, already has received orders back in London the day after the show for Jetset Luxury Bikini to be Show, Click & Buy.

This Bikini travels just as much as you.

So if your in London or New York and want it delivered to you in Monaco, Dubai, Tokyo or Caribbean,

Harlette will deliver to you any where in the world.

Pre Order 100% Made in France JetSet Bikini here and experience a complete certain luxury experience with every detail designed for you especially the jewellery features.

After the show, people said they really enjoyed the music.

The Harlette Swim Parade 2016 ~#isfwcuracao track list

The Show opened with

Track 1: 2012·Baccara – Yes Sir, I Can Boogie / Cara Mia (1977) RCA Victor

Track 2: Tape Five – La Passifleur

Track 3: Chic – Le Freak

Track 4: David Bowie – Lets Dance

Track 5: Inxs  – Need You Tonight

This show closed with

Track 6: Kylie – All the Lovers
Love Harlettelipstick-kiss



Harlette Takes Over a Tall Ship

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Harlette Luxury Lingerie photo shoot on board the historic ‘James Craig’ barque in Sydney on December 12, 2009.

As you may know already the line of luxury lingerie will feature at the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris on January 23-25, 2010. Made from lavish fabrics and trimmings, with inspiration from Hollywood, Royalty, the Tudor and Baroque periods and anything French of course.

Harlette’s extravagant designs have been created for the discerning lingerie-lover. With the current popularity in vintage styling, Harlette’s latest range includes fabrics and adornments in embellished crystal- beaded French lace, silks, Italian jewel-encrusted tulle, velvets and, of course, marabou, ostrich and peacock feathers.

Working one-to-one with clients to make their dreams come true, every piece is handmade so it becomes the client’s own signature piece.  Harlette is expanding, has clients from all over the world including Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, and Malaysia and will be launching a retail range in Paris the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris on January 23-25, 2010.

The shoot was covered by AFP and has been featured on CNN, Wall St Journal, Hindustan Times, AFPBB Japan, AFPBB Korea, La Stampa  in Italy and NDTV in India

To keep up with Harlette Luxury Lingerie’s travels, follow them on Twitter or join them on their Facebook page Harlette.

Behind the scenes shots.

Bloggers in Italy & Japan have had this to say about Harlette

According to an Italian style blog when it viewed recent pictures of the women’s collection

Roughly Translated from Italian to English

“intimate garments aimed at the ladies who love to wear luxury fashion and traditional, classic and sexy at the same time and the fascinating “  The fashion brand has a target Harlette very high, with heads intimate luxury, ranging worn on special occasions, under clothes precious. For a lingerie there repeats the traditional canons of fashion without exaggerating too much detail too pompous. Luxury si’, ma senza per questo essere troppo invadenti o difficili da indossare. Luxury is’, but without being too intrusive or difficult to wear.. 

Il marchio di moda, infatti, ha portato in passerella a Sidney , in Australia, una sua The fashion brand, in fact, led the catwalk in Sydney, Australia its collection of lingerie for women is classic and classy  The models of Harlette leading for the woman of a certain class that wants to seduce with style and class. Per una moda tradizionale, che ci propone la classicita’, che, a dire il vero, ha la capacita’ di non passare mai di moda .For a traditional fashion, which gives us the classics, which indeed, has the ability not to go out of style.

In Japan.

In Japan a blogger who also saw pictures of the recent photoshoot in preparation for the launch of the Harlette Collection at Salon International De La Lingerie 2010 said this.

What celebrity lingerie for ladies. I would feel like lingerie news ♪ There are 10 picture cards. どのランジェリーも素敵です♪ Lingerie which is also nice ♪ Sukesuke of a beautiful gown and even inspired me like a princess ♪ Systems have a lot of love and light pink, it is exciting just to have a photo ♪

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