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The Luxury Jetset Bikini by Harlette

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100% Made in France

Jetset Luxury Bikini by Harlette began life in France just a few days ago, it took just 5 day to make. The bikini left France Monday, arrived in London Tuesday, passed through Miami Friday, to arrive in the Caribbean Saturday to be the star in a sizzling hot beach shoot on the island of Curacao.


The bikini, then crescendo’s as the final closing Showpiece for Harlette catwalk in the Caribbean on Saturday night 12th March as part of the opening show Day 2 International Swim Fashion Week Curacao at Papagayo Resort as mentioned by Harpers Bazar Malaysia



Harlette, already has received orders back in London the day after the show for Jetset Luxury Bikini to be Show, Click & Buy.

This Bikini travels just as much as you.

So if your in London or New York and want it delivered to you in Monaco, Dubai, Tokyo or Caribbean,

Harlette will deliver to you any where in the world.

Pre Order 100% Made in France JetSet Bikini here and experience a complete certain luxury experience with every detail designed for you especially the jewellery features.

After the show, people said they really enjoyed the music.

The Harlette Swim Parade 2016 ~#isfwcuracao track list

The Show opened with

Track 1: 2012·Baccara – Yes Sir, I Can Boogie / Cara Mia (1977) RCA Victor

Track 2: Tape Five – La Passifleur

Track 3: Chic – Le Freak

Track 4: David Bowie – Lets Dance

Track 5: Inxs  – Need You Tonight

This show closed with

Track 6: Kylie – All the Lovers
Love Harlettelipstick-kiss



Swim by Harlette – Salon International de la Lingerie 2013 Paris

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Lingerie Insight broke the news about the new Swim Collection by Harlette launched at Salon International de la Lingerie 2013. Read it here


Inspired by all things James Bond and Paris Catwalk Collections.

Harlette have created a fashion forward swim collection

The Collection Features Made with SWAROVSKI Elements

To give a true luxury swim experience

Whether your Poolside in Dubai or Hollywood Hills,

Beachside in Bermuda, Bondi, Canne, Ibiza or Positano

No one will have a One piece or Bikini as fashion forward as your SWIM by Harlette

Taking you from Beach to Bar to Club or Home these pieces can Transition with you to outerwear

Here is an advanced preview of the SWIM collection by Harlette available later this year featuring vintage bikini, directional one pieces and sheer shorts.




Keep an eye on our Swim by Harlette pinterest board for more images

Oscars Glamour + best bytes from LFW AW12

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Alexander McQueen @WorldMcQueen + a dazzle of 2 million dollars of Diamonds to complete the look for Jessica Chastain

White Perfect & glamorous Tom Ford @ttomford & Gwyneth Paltrow make magic this year at the Oscars with this cape & silhouette

Versace @Versace and Angelina Jolie remind us of the signature Versace fabulous fashion heart starter of thigh high split on a Velvet backdrop just divine.

Now a chance to catch up on the best from London Fashion Week here are our picks from the runways in London thanks to @Rightster

Vivienne Westwood Red Label AW12

Burberry AW12

Temperley London AW12

Catch what Victoria Beckham has had to say about winning Designer Brand for 2011 at the British Fashion Awards

Harlette™ the World

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There are many luxury lingerie companies…but only one with diamond and platinum suspender clips!

Harlette™ is the only precious metal and precious stone suspender garter clips concept in the world.

The Harlette™ brand is constantly in the public psyche through Harlette’s unique designs. National and International radio, TV, newspaper and magazine appearances, as well as her work with various celebrities and Lingerie Campaigns. (To view a range of National and International press please click here.)

Harlette can command a great deal of PR whenever Harlette™ enters a new territory.

To view the launch of our collections in Paris please click here.




Harlette™  has always aimed at offering a high quality product with the main emphasis being on offering genuine luxury products. It has never been our aim to become a mass market, lingerie chain offering products made in China, with fabrics that are found in multiple labels each season.

 Our lingerie sets are of a premium quality, made with 100% originality, sourcing precious metals and precious stones, matched with French, Italian, British, Australian and Swiss fabrics. For this reason, we will only partner with companies and individuals who share our ethos and mission.

In essence, Harlette™ offers a range of genuine, quality lingerie products which enrich people’s love lives and take their lounging time to the next level. This strong ethos is supported by the International Face of Luxury Lingerie with patent’s for removable, decorative suspender clips. Our mission to ‘Harlette™ the World’ sets Harlette™ Luxury Lingerie firmly apart from all other Luxury Lingerie companies.

 Harlette™ Luxury Lingerie is taking Harlette™ to the World

One lingerie set at a time via the new website that is being released just in time for your summer loving.

Harlette’s™ best known sets are available for purchase world-wide directly from the site  and include American Belle voted 3 in top 10 lingerie sets by Intima Magazine and showcased at an Oscars Style Lounge  in Hollywood

American Belle Housecoat

American Belle Tie Me Down Knickers
More Details
American Belle Tie Me Up Bra
More Details

For those that like their lingerie black, the Rendezvous Renaissance set is your signature style and matching lounge kittens sheer housecoat. This set has been seen in La Stampa, NDTV, AFP, CNN and seen on the Catwalk in Paris at Salon International de la Lingerie .

Lady Lounge Kitten Housecoat
More Details
Rendezvous Renaissance Bra
More Details
Rendezvous Renaissance French Knickers
More Details

Last but not least the sensual cami silk and french lace set Double Trouble as seen in Wall St Journal

Double Trouble Luxurious Lounge Set
More Details

Of course Harlette™ Homme Consort Collection Velvet Boxers are available , these featured in Trends Update Valentine’s Day 2010: 10 of the Best Luxurious Gifts for Him.

Consort Boxers Classic
More Details


Enjoy xxx

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Worlds 1st for Harlette £10,000 Diamond & Platinum Suspenders

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So the world has finally got a sneak peak at one of the pieces from the collection of Harlette Platinum Lingerie that has an innovation patent.

This is what one fan on twitter had to say

lily530 If I don’t get the @Harlette diamond platinum heart garter clips I might just die. 11:51 PM Mar 13th via web

 It was a complete surprise as we had only just read about Harlette’s world first diamond and platinum suspender clasps, in a Luxist article published on the same day 13th of March

 The article started a wave around the world and people began blogging and contacting us, it was very exciting day at Harlette Luxury Lingerie

The funniest comment that we read from a blogger was on GlamourWhore

 *Sigh*…sorry I was imagining the feel of 135 diamonds on my thigh. “Harlette”, a England based luxury lingerie line joined forces with Australian jewelery company “Eskae” to create heart shaped platinum suspender clasps covered in diamonds. Good God…lingerie and diamonds?! Are they trying to kill me?! Bankrupt me?!

Oh my… Breathtaking

Mondette Blog Post said this about Harlette Luxury Lingerie (Looks from UK lingerie label Harlette transported me to the glamour of Old Hollywood)

In Italy My luxury wrote about the clips

Live Trading News featured Harlette in their Connoisseurs Club

So its been a whirl wind of excitement around the world since the first pictures of the clips were released and we understand that if a £10,000 pound diamonds and platinum suspender belt is not your style then maybe you or your partner would prefer a very sexy set recently shown in Hollywood. 

According to Hollywood celebrity stylist Gerorge Blodwell

“When you wear Double Trouble with Silk Harlette House Coat with Leopard Print Cuffs, all you need with this little number is cowboy boots and your ready ladies to hit the clubs for a night out on the prowl”. 

Speaking of out on the prowl have you been watching CW’ TV High Society????

To know more about Hareltte Platinum Lingerie click on the image below

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Harlette Lights up W Hotel during Oscars Week in Hollywood

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Harlette Luxury Lingerie was showcased in Hollywood at the Style Lounge at the new W hotel in Hollywood a few days leading up to today’s Oscars. 

Shandi Finnessey Miss USA 2004  wearing Diamonds are Forever by Harlette Luxury Lingerie

The Style Lounge, created by Style Shop USA was visited by celebrity stylists that were dressing dressing Diana Ross, Jane Fonda, Joss Stone, Rod Stewart, Tila Tequila and a host of entertainment correspondents for the Oscars. Precious Film Party with Lenny Kravitz also took place at the W Hotel.

Harlette Luxury Lingerie was responsible for lighting up the W Hotel with a sample of the collection with the help of Miss USA 2004 Shandi Finnessey.

Shandi Finnessey wearing Runway Roses by Harlette Luxury Lingerie at Style Lounge W Hotel Hollywood

The editor of Collective magazine took a couple of pieces for a photoshoot for Vampire Diaries star Katerina Graham and the magazine confirmed to say that “Katerina loved the items”.

Mr Bradshaw celebrity stylist for Tila Tequila fell in love with Runway Roses for Tila and has taken this outfit for Tila to wear during the Oscars events, we will keep you posted on when and where Tila wears this.

In addition to all the stylists and presenters Stylit.TV conducted an interview on Harlette Luxury Lingerie as well as being  interviewed by Jane Linter for SZTV with George Blodwell the celebrity stylist and editor of Genluxe magazine reviewing the collection

Harlette Luxury Lingerie also launched their custom clasps made out of Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum. The clasps are bespoke and require special custom orders. Each clasp is designed especially for the Harlette Housecoats to match the first initial of the celebrity.

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Shocking Odds To Win although the best news is Harlette’s VIP List is Now Open

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Well with a horse named shocking that grabbed the media headlines with winning the Melbourne Cup, what is left to write about, but horses, behaviour, lingerie styles, seeing Barry Humphries in his bathrobe or my broken toe…

shocking horse

Here goes, a horse called shocking with odds of 10 won the Melbourne Cup, of course insiders do agree that the best horse won on the day and Crime Scene of course came second and Mourilyan third.  The theme of yesterday was so aptly set by the GIGI, that it continued well on into the night.

barry humphries

When I was sauntering home and discovered Barry Humphries in his bathrobe in a place that will be undisclosed to protect all parties..  Of course Dame Edna was no where to be seen when I rushed past and realised that it was Mr Humphries himself

barry humphries 2

Of course  it was extremely shocking when I broke my toe last night, long story but I was wearing Bunny Ears and Swarovski Crystal high heels. Still shocking one day later is the pain and having to write this without the aid of an icepack and all attempts of elevation have been thwarted.. Yet in the feeble attempts of practicing weightlessness in the bath, I got to thinking about lingerie, women and men.

Women we are crazy creatures we need the stars, the moon, the planets all to line up for us to feel well sexy desirable and gorgeous. From my understanding of feedback from my customers husbands, boyfriends and lovers, men are quite the opposite, romance does not require much at all…..


So why are we so different and how do we meet in the middle at all if we hold such different view points. Like a bolt of thunder and a strike of lightning, clique as it may seem, that a lingerie blogger would come to this conclusion, that lingerie does bridge a big gap in fascilitating the meeting of the middle of the minds of man and woman.


Woman’s need for sensuality, sensory tactile overload  is compensated by mans need to be visually stimulated, So woman when they select lingerie select for reasons of covering up and enhancing, while all the while waving a red flag to a bull . Lingerie is the red flag, man is the bull and woman must be the bolero wearing  matador singing I am lover not a fighter.


Anyway this weeks blog I promised was going to brief, so brief that its going to finish up on the final note about Harlette’s VIP list. 20 lucky people are able to get a limited edition set of TIE ME UP TIE ME DOWN Italian beaded tulle and lace set featuring marabou feathers. Just heaven..

Email if you want at set,

Be quick we are at 14 places left already and its only been open a day…after this there will be none left..

Remember get your hands on Harlette before someone else does!!!

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