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The Luxury Jetset Bikini by Harlette

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100% Made in France

Jetset Luxury Bikini by Harlette began life in France just a few days ago, it took just 5 day to make. The bikini left France Monday, arrived in London Tuesday, passed through Miami Friday, to arrive in the Caribbean Saturday to be the star in a sizzling hot beach shoot on the island of Curacao.


The bikini, then crescendo’s as the final closing Showpiece for Harlette catwalk in the Caribbean on Saturday night 12th March as part of the opening show Day 2 International Swim Fashion Week Curacao at Papagayo Resort as mentioned by Harpers Bazar Malaysia



Harlette, already has received orders back in London the day after the show for Jetset Luxury Bikini to be Show, Click & Buy.

This Bikini travels just as much as you.

So if your in London or New York and want it delivered to you in Monaco, Dubai, Tokyo or Caribbean,

Harlette will deliver to you any where in the world.

Pre Order 100% Made in France JetSet Bikini here and experience a complete certain luxury experience with every detail designed for you especially the jewellery features.

After the show, people said they really enjoyed the music.

The Harlette Swim Parade 2016 ~#isfwcuracao track list

The Show opened with

Track 1: 2012·Baccara – Yes Sir, I Can Boogie / Cara Mia (1977) RCA Victor

Track 2: Tape Five – La Passifleur

Track 3: Chic – Le Freak

Track 4: David Bowie – Lets Dance

Track 5: Inxs  – Need You Tonight

This show closed with

Track 6: Kylie – All the Lovers
Love Harlettelipstick-kiss



The Breast Line.

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p8160175This week I thought I would change tactic’s and combine my two favourite topics which is sailing and lingerie in one post. Of course the picture is me on a tall ship from 1874 called the James Craig, but just to be clear I am not modelling lingerie. 

MMM one may say and scratch their head, what does lingerie and sailing have in common. Well for those familiar with sailing, one will have a little giggle now, especially if I dropped this when we were about to pull up to dock or about to leave dock.

SO the link between lingerie and sailing  for me is after all THE BREAST LINE..and today I saw it being hauled in just I was walking past the Millenium at Circular Quay in Sydney at 2pm today.

The breast line by boating definition is a line attached laterally from a boat to a dock, preventing movement away from the dock.  A bra by definition is the support to the breast giving it a breast line that does not move. So you see there is a wonderful correlation.

The challenge of any good lingerie product and lingerie fitter is to give a customer the best breast line possible. I am currently investigating the use of 3D scanning to create a better breast line and will keep you posted on my findings in postings over the next couple of weeks.

In the mean time if you and your partner are perplexed and maybe at a state of apoplexy in your personal relationship I have two instant cures for you.

little-eden-cayA romantic getaway on your own private island run by a wonderful woman called Jenifer and her partner in of all places Nicaragua. Five star meals cooked for your three times a day and beaches for you to just fall into all day, yummy, private helicopter transfers there and back what more could a couple require apart from a couture Harlette Luxury lingerie set. or contact Martin and Jenifer Thomas of  Little Eden Cay, a remote island off Nicaragua  by email


naked_swiss_0319For those wanting a little more uplift adventure and daring how about a little getting back to basics in the swiss alps.,8599,1886598,00.html?xid=rss-world. Take care not to get frost bite or anything else for that matter, it can get cold out there on those hills.

Or for those with more on their plate than mount suvius skip the holidays and just go for a completely unique experience and design a set of lingerie together that will instantly bind you into a place of bespoke fantasy and fun. Harlette would absolutely love and adore you and your partner to describe the ultimate set of lingerie that you have always dreamed of but never thought you could have.

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