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2012 Calendar Launched by Miss Galaxy England Melissa Reeves & Eco Luxe Connoisseur’s discover MirrorCube

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Front Cover

Miss Galaxy England 2011 Melissa Reeves launched her 2012 calendar this week, Melissa looks one in a million on the cover of her 2012 Calendar very 21st century in a couture limited edition glamour gown called Glacier Goddess with matching signature tie me up bralette & tie me down knicker lingerie set adorned with sequins & fringing from the Harlette Platinum Label.

Melissa is a finalist in Signed By Katie Price now showing on Sky Living you can read more about her on Katie Prices’ show here

We were fortunate enough to see some of the behind the scenes pictures that Italian Magazine Mens Health published back in September of Melissa wearing pieces of the Black Label collection from Harlette Luxury Lingerie. To see the article click here

Melissa wears Rendezvous Renaissance Bralette from Harlette Black Label collection

Melissa wears limited edition Noir & Or Cheeky Knicker & Balconnette Bra from Harlette Black Label Collection

On the other side of Europe the Treehotel in Sweden launched their MirrorCube, this is something all ecoluxe Connoisseur’s will wish to discover. Best bit is yes you crazy cats you can BUY IT !!!!

This brings can I show you my cubby house to whole new level, one can even check their outfit, fix their hair or apply lipstick before entering the cubby house ooh la la indeed. On a more serious note ladies and gentleman.  It all began with a film. Treehotel’s founders were inspired by ”The Tree Lover” by Jonas Selberg Augustsen. The unyielding question formed was:

Why not create a hotel that gives people a chance to experience nature amongst the tree-tops, while also providing a uniquely designed housing experience?

That led to the creation of Treehotel, Harads. The Mirrorcube is the flagship creation of Treehotel. A perfect match of design, sustainability, art and efficiency. Delivered by distinguished Scandinavian architects Bolle Tham & Martin Videgård.

Mirrorcube offers an extraordinary opportunity to experience nature on nature’s terms,  without compromising on design or comfort. You have the perfect spot for Mirrorcube in the  back of your mind or in the back of your grounds. Treehotel introduces Mirrorcube – your link to nature.

Mirrorcube comes as a turnkey solution. Treehotel handles construction, transport and installation at your desired destination. All to make your Mirrorcube experience as comfortable as possible. All you need to do is select your favourite spot.

Your Mirrorcube is delivered together with the customdesigned fittings. This exclusive accommodation is ready for use as soon as the installation is completed.

Delivery time is estimated to four months from the time of ordering.

For pricing, information and orders, please contact

While you are waiting take a trip to the tree hotel in Sweden

Snowmobile safari (winter only):
Enjoy a fantastic adventure that starts at the airport and ends with something hot to drink at the Treehotel. Snowmobile rental and all necessary equipment is included in the price. Price per person: Contact the treehotel for details.

The Treehotel have their own heliparking at the hotel. They can also arrange helicopter rental. Pricing (one way):

R44 – 3 passengers – 6700 SEK
EC 120 – 4 passengers – 8600 SEK
AS 350 – 6 passengers – 12600 SEK for info and booking.

Private jet:
They can help arrange all necessary landing permits. Please contact for info and pricing. Treehotel is located in the boreal forest approximately an hour by car from Luleå (Kallax) airport.


If Bentley Made Bra’s Imagine What Would They Feel Like?

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The thing about luxury, is that price is not just the benchmark, its about workmanship, its about materials and its about the rare occurrence of all these factors merging to create something desirable, and usable.


Take the Bentley Brooklands for instance, it is hand assembled, and limited edition with only 500 of these beauties, that are the most poweful and luxurious ever made to claim the flying B..


Bentley have been associated with laptops, but why not bra’s

ego for bentley

So if  I dare to dream for a second, imagine, what would a Bentley Bra feel like?  Would it use Platinum just like the patented Harlette Platinum Lingerie, would it be sprinkled with diamonds, would it be combined and complimented with an exquisite leather trim, topped with a flying B..

Now that would be a bra to beat all bra’s boys… especially sitting in the passenger seat of the Brooklands..

But, seriously, when one thinks about luxury and lingerie , does the industry have the same standards as jets, cars and yachts?




Where is the industry heading when so many companies are outsourcing to Tunisa and China?

When materials once made in France can only claim that they were designed in France.

Products using materials purely from France or purely from Britain are few and far between. 

So what would Best Of British really feel like up close and personal?


Companies make many decisions and often short cuts are taken to provide shareholders and buyers in department stores with a product that makes them profit. At whose expense? Where is the true luxury found in lingerie today, but in the back room of a few atelier’s in France and the UK.

For more on the wonderful Bentley see their website and if you are in Mayfair, London pop in and see Derek Bennet at Jack Barclay Bentley.  Let them introduce you to the new addition to the family, the Bentley Mulsanne, recently launched in Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance in Monterey, California.


The Bentley Mulsanne will go on sale from mid 2010 with a full motorshow release at the forthcoming IAA Frankfurt Motor Show (15-27th September, 2009) where Bentley Motors will provide additional product information including pricing and specification.

Lets leave you with topgears piece on the Bentley Brooklands


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Cannizaro House Wimbledon Fashion Week

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Midas Touch

What a week Jeddah to London, from Seven Star Hotels with 12 meter crystal chandelier’s and Abaya’s to Cannizaro House and Harlette House Coat’s.


Midas Touch was a hit and received much applause from Wimbledon Fashion Week. Harlette has been generating interest from various different fashionista’s from London. As soon as we touched into London, we received a call from Channel 4 production company Maverick to see if we wanted to attend a pilot filming on Friday for a show to do with the Liberty Store.


Due to Wimbledon Fashion Week commitments we were unable to attend the filming but the good news is if the pilot is a success in October they will be filming the Liberty store designer open day and Harlette have been invited. So we will keep you posted.


Meanwhile back in Jeddah the Qasr Al Sharq – a member of The Waldorf=Astoria Collection with 12 meter long Swarovski chandelier, which graces the main staircase, with 600,000 crystals chained together, gilded in 24 carat gold and sparkling with 260 lights is still taking the attention of Harlette.


Such a spectacular finishings its is recommended as a must stay hotel as it has a seven star rating and has views of the Red Sea.  Saudi Arabia is a must see destination, the place is like no other, and on relection it is just as mysterious  after leaving it than before you arrive.


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A Taste of Jeddah and a new £288m Yacht for Roman Abramovich

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So a taste of  Jeddah, my abaya was delivered the first day with a sim card to get me up and running enroute to an appointment at a hair salon with a swimming pool in it just to look at. Saudi Arabia is as mysterious as one imagines, it has layers and it has lots of love and affection.

People are amazingly kind, considerate and genuinely happy to help. I have a chauffeur that supposedly speaks German, English and Arabic.. So far I think English is his third language so there is lots of interesting adventures that Asraf has been taking me on, infact, he likes to go walk about in the middle of driving to stop and ask questions, leaving me in the car on the side of the road.

Asraf always returns eager to go another 1km before asking again fun and games fun and games… Our last little adventure after the hair salon, was to visit the Louis Vuitton store in Jeddah, unfortunately my timing was off and the store was closing for prayer time.

Shopping here is all about timing, as stores close a couple of times a day for prayer time, the interesting thing is if they are women only stores they can remain open, so that is why the ladies at La Perla on Thalia st, do so well. Yesterday I visited the ladies that I am currently training at their store.

I discovered lingerie Saudi style, and it fun and it free, things are slowly changing in Saudi Arabia and that is great to see. Saudi Arabia made important commitments on women’s rights, on ending the juvenile death penalty and on other human rights issues during its review by the UN Human Rights Council on June 10, 2009 in Geneva. To read more

On an interesting note Roman Abramovich is sending strong signal to the world that the recession is over. He has just purchased a military style super yacht, in what people first described as gun metal grey.. As you can see from the picture it is white. This new military style trend is increasing and costing €340m (£288m), it has many original features, including a German-built ­missile defence system – useful in the event of attack and is leading the trend in anti paparazzi technology.


The Eclipse set sail from Hamburg’s Blohm + Voss shipyard last week, and is due to be delivered to Abramovich next year, after the finishing touches have been applied. Nearly 170 metres long, it is bigger than Abramovich’s other three mega-yachts – and is 11 metres longer than the world’s previous biggest yacht, which belongs to Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai.


Wimbledon Fashion week is just under a week away and a little sneak peak of Angelic Alexandria is just how I will end this week. Miss Sonia Lipski is modelling this amazing piece, with black silk finishes on a highly  beaded ornamented black lace on white mesh. Its one of the show pieces for the Harlette Housecoat collection.


For those of you at Wimbledon next week please come and see the collection. Press opportunities are 1pm to 3pm 25th and all day 26th June. 

Wimbledon Fashion Week
Bar Sia, 105 – 109 The Broadway
Wimbledon, London SW19 1QG

Thursday 25th June, Press Day, 1 – 3pm
Friday 26th June, Public Day, 12 – 5pm

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Giving Frugalista’s the Flick while Finding a £15,000 Man’s Dressing Gown for the Boudoir

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swansBoring Boring Boring………being told to buy low ticket items that look expensive is old hat, and the adage that no one will never know is complete tripe… Why because you know and when you know, we all know. How you carry yourself when you are wearing an amazing dress, and amazing bra and knickers is definately different to how you hold yourself when you are wearing something that is almost, not quiet and done on the cheap and in a rush.

Everyday we make choices, and those choices impact every experience as a result. Making shortcuts never pay in the end and if you take the time now it often saves you in the future. So unite in one thing this week

Give Frugalista’s the Flick.

So when someone suggests you trade down, politely refuse, for trading down is not a solution to saving the economy. By not spending, not spoiling yourself  is denial on all levels. What the world loves the most about a woman is the ability to make the world believe in beauty, in love, in glamour.

The world loves glamour, and its interesting that Brands such as Aquascutum are reaching back to regain their postion in the market that was established in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s when Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant and Sean Connery used to wear Aquascutum coats.

Derek Rose tapped into the idea of Glamour last year when he created the world most expensive dressing gown bringing glamour back to male bourdoir attire. Selfridges sells this dressing gown for £15,000.  Bespoke well made items are all about getting it right the first time. That is why the larger luxury brands are investing heavily in marketing going back to glamour going back to bespoke and going back to value. 

dressinggown_1118025fThe Derek Rose dressing gown is woven from extremely rare wool from vicuna, which are cousins of the Llama produce small amounts of extremely fine wool, which is so expensive because the animal can only be shorn every two years. The animals are endangered in the wild but live in captivity in the Peruvian highlands.

Selfridges knows that there is always a market for a fashionista that demands quality and are clearly confident that the luxuriousness of vicuna wool will tempt some buyers.

The Telegraph newspaper in the UK spoke with Gareth Scourfield, fashion editor of Esquire magazine, and was quoted saying : “It seems a ridiculous price, I know. But this isn’t bling, this is understated luxury that will appeal to some people that really appreciate rarity value. “Vicuna wool is incredible. It is like a cashmere silk mix – very warm, but also very light.” The dressing gown is the latest example of retailers offering very high-priced items.

DSC03681Here at Harlette the Harlette Housecoats are in production and a sneakpeak is above, Harlette is bringing back Glamour with luxurious gold lurex and lashings of silk chifon and this piece soon to be finished is called MIDAS TOUCH.

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Dressing For Dinner Have We Lost The Art?

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dsc034701Yesterday was the beginning of the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, A few extra heart beats were raised for Dizingo, there were a few oohs and ahhh’s from the wonderful Anessia, one punter/fashionista exlaimed oh she looks like a princess and a lot of BRIGHT ROCK AND ROLLER for Wayne Cooper.


I was fortunate to be backstage when Bianca Dye interviewed Wayne and was put to shame earlier in the afternoon when I realised that the gentleman sat next to me in front row at ready to wear 1 was twittering away. His name was ImeldaMatt for those who follow. He was taking pic’s of the shoes featured in each designers collection. Each to there own, some people like lingerie, some like clothes, some do bags and other do shoes.


Leading up to fashion week I was having a moment with the worlds most expensive dinner attire, there was loads of it about, it appears that in these interesting fiscal times its great to see that other designers apart from myself are saying down with with economic sensibilites, up with glamour, up with prices and up with the types of materials that are used in their garments.. HOOORAY HENRY..

airediamondThe creme of the crop goes to Malaysian designer Faisol Abdullah by creating the world’s most expensive dress decorated with 751 diamonds from Middle Eastern jeweler Mouawad. The $30 million cocktail number overtakes Chris Aire’s $20 million diamond dress (above) created last year and ties the $30 million diamond bikini in terms of the world’s most expensive item of clothing.

Abdullah plans to debut the silk and taffeta evening gown, which features a central 70 carat pear-shaped diamond and is dubbed the “Nightingale of Kuala Lumpar,” in time for next month’s STYLO Fashion festival in the Malaysian capital. Mouawad, which produces Heidi Klum’s jewelry line, is  a red carpet favourite of Nicole Kidman,  Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears.

 “It’s not throwing $30 million right down the drain, it is an investment for the super-rich.” Nancy Yeoh, chief executive of STYLO which commissioned the dress, says they plan to present the garment to royal courts around the world starting with the Middle East, noting, “It’s art and there are still enough rich people who would want to buy.”

Yet its not all fun and games for the girls you know the lads in London like to lash out on some new threads on  occasions too. £70,000 pounds on a suit to an international man of mystery indeed.. James Blonde maybe.

_45688057_007204377-1It took more than 80 hours to make the one-off suit from Arctic wool, qiviuk, and rare South American wool, vicuna. Designer Alexander Amosu said: “I firmly believe that in the wake of the recession, there is still a demand for uncompromising quality.” The suit, which has 18-carat gold and diamond buttons.It was made with 5,000 individual stitches, equivalent to £14 a stitch. The qiviuk and vicuna wools were blended with pashmina to create a cloth known as Vanquish II.

I am afraid to say that nothing of this calibre has graced the runways of Sydney thus far, and the hint of meshed mink knitted shrug sitting front row that I thought I’d spotted was ethical fake fur, after being advised by the owner. PETA breathes a sigh of relief, but fur happens, its worn and its not going to be stopped being worn in the colder climates for a long time to come.

Taking a stand on ethics is a personal choice after all, whether to eat Foie gras or veal at lunch/dinner, is a decision one will make on their own like Susan Brown did at the NATO summit banquet , Foie gras was also served to Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Michelle Obama and they accepted .

Stella McCartney makes the decision to make ethical fashion wonderfully without leather or fur. Stella fabulously conquers this market segment successfully while many others have tried and failed.

The economics of fashion rages on indefinitely, the cost of materials, the time to make, the time to dream, the time put it all together and send it on its way in a consumable form for clients to enjoy is an age old dilemma. What is the cost of wearable art.

PRIMARK £5 pound suit versus a £70,000 pound jobby, where one stands in line for dressing for dinner I am sure is defined by a suitable gentleman’s guide of etiquette and deportment. In the mean time, the breeze of opulence is rising around the hem lines of many a bright young thing.

Diamonds are forever….


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Gigi’s or To D or DD that is The Question

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naomi In Elizabethan times Shakespeare asked his generation  “To be or not to be : that is the question”. Hamlet Act 111 Scene 1. In 2009  to D or DD is the question that lingerie companies appear to be asking women of this generation. According to research conducted in UK and Australia 40% of women are a DD average size or above.

The headlines of most articles in newspapers today are discussing the question does the cup runneth over, or using the cliche boom or bust to possibly advertise the opinion of one multinational manufacturer. After reading the articles it suggests that 10G is the average size, reading a little closer into the article you will discover that 10G is the average bra sold by the manufacturer as they specialise in larger cups.

The lovely ladies with no need for more than an A or B cup please breathe easy tonight, you are still the top of the lingerie class and body type pyramid. Statistics in articles and headlines can be confusing and misleading so when reading articles in your paper, magazine dont skim the headlines and just take the figures for fact.

In 5 years an increase in DD sales has been confirmed by a major department store and a leading manufactuer at 8%, yet we are not given a comparison figure of the actual growth of the industry over the 5 years. You may find that all sizes have had an increase of 5 % to 7% as well.

Having fit many women, DD is a popular size, so is 10C and 12D, 30E and 12A, 12C etc.  By far the most requested size in any boutique or department store should be no surprise that it is 12B… That is a story I go into far more detail when I train people how to fit lingerie. Its comical…when you learn why…

horsesEaster is in the air and the annual Inglis sales in Sydney have seen confidence in the Yearling Sales with a capital C over 17 yearlings have been sold for a price in excess of $700k and the four most impressive lots so far are as follows.

231 Colt

Encosta de Lago

Show Dancing (NZ)

Emirates Park, Murrurundi

Dynamic Syndications NSW



90 Colt

Galileo (IRE)

Makybe Diva (GB) 

Makybe, Gnarwarre, Vic

Danny O’Brien Racing Vic 



392 Colt

Redoute’s Choice

Winning Belle (NZ)

Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar

James Bester Bloodstock NSW



292 Colt

Redoute’s Choice

Tugela (USA)

Makybe, Gnarwarre, Vic

Patinack Farm Pty Ltd NSW



Tally Ho…

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