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7 Cities in 7 Days

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A few weeks ago  I woke up to a rainy Lake Geneva. Amazing experience to have the opportunity to observe a United Nations International Telecommunications Union meeting on one of my favourite topics space.

As well as designing swimwear and lingerie have commenced a PhD and designing a new out of this world project combining fashion & technology that is a little secret squirrel more soon.

Travelling from a university in London to a university in Manchester at the other side of the country and back to London all in the same day was an awfully big adventure.

You can see the seven cities in seven days photo’s on Harlette Swimwear new flickr site and you will also spot beaches in Australia like Shelly Beach, a personal favourite and the spectacular Surfers Paradise with the symphony of high rises.

Where, when I touched down in LAX, discovered I left my voice on a virgin train. Sunrise in London Hyde Park with swans & squirrels to finish the day watching  the sunset over Santa Monica beach before meeting with the director of my 4K TV project IT Girl Lingerie to discuss the project, story and new things in Geneva & UK.

Executive Producers that are interested in assisting this project are most welcome to reach out.


Final touch down in Sydney to start new swimwear collection and this new one is going to be really fun to frolic in and on. Of course what a shock was Leonard Cohen, I heard his new song Leaving the Table as I was in a good old trusted black cab outside Buckingham Palace on the way to the university. With the benefit of hindsight its a little prophetic this song.

I was listening to his new album You Want it Darker the whole week, while glued to Bloomberg for US Election updates & the markets reaction and then suddenly the news that he passed away, on remembrance day at 82 after he saw the new President elect Donald Trump come to power. The night before I saw the Opera House covered in poppies and the video is available at Harlette Swimwear new flickr site

Donald Trump no doubt he is 100% #teambikini & excited that Red is the colour of 2017. Having worked with Miss Universes in our shoots & catwalks Harlette Swimwear are excited at seeing Donald work to make America great again.

Exciting times ahead for the whole world and infinitely more exciting with a bikini or two.








Glass : Will it Guide the Future of Fashion

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Recently I have been pondering the impact of Glass, the future of fashion and all things digital. In one of our related companies we have had some interesting seminars recently including discussions about what Glass is going to do and not do and the impact on that it will have on Luxury & Fashion.

The media industry quick to respond to Glass, being first adopters they already have an app see New York Times

The real key to where we are going are insights into life as Corning predicted back in 2011 with their video a day made of Glass, look out for the fashion component.

Here in 2013 with Glass by Google we can soon enjoy what a model sees as they walk down the catwalk.

Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg shared spotlight at New York Fashion Week  with an unlikely collaborator Google. Diane Von Furstenberg sent Google’s new augmented-reality specs down the catwalk at Lincoln Center along with her Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

Google founder Sergey Brin was invited join Diane von Furstenberg and her creative director, Yvan Mispelaere, on the runway for her with each of them a pair of the futuristic frames.

The future really is in our hands, especially with the new smart phone with an amazing the flexible glass called Willow by Corning  demonstrated by Samsung at CES.

This opens the way for the fashion industry to sky drive many new digital and lifestyle driven experiences for their devoted customers and brand fans.

Please enjoy the video from the Telegraph

The legal, privacy, media, marketing and medical issue will still be debated about all these new technologies and their best use.

Yet continuous seamless connection is common trend that will be found in multiple devices throughout our lives.

Cant wait can you?

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