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Stop Press: The Queen @ LFW, Paris Lingerie Show, throwback to Worlds First Bikini Debut & George Osborne talks Graphene

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Yesterday the Queen sat front row at London Fashion Week only a few weeks after the Paris Lingerie show.

The headlines showed the Queen relaxed and smiling. Her Majesty viewed Richard Quinn’s runway show alongside Dame Anna Wintour.  Richard is the first recipient of The Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design


Earlier on in the day I discovered on my mums computer two things that my grandfather had received a #distinguishedorderofservice by the King in 1941 in the UK and the letter that was sent confirming that Harlette selected for costume as part of the secret diary of a call girl show.


Only a few weeks ago I was front row in Paris at the Lingerie Show, using a Microsoft phone and Microsoft Surface I have uploaded some video’s on twitter of the view from front row.

I  also visited the place where the very first bikini made its 1st debut in the world in 1946 at the art deco pool in Paris and filmed during the evening and the morning

Before the end of the year I also I had the opportunity to meet George Osborne and hear his most amazing story on Graphene and how he helped the UK be very forward thinking. George then made a bold move with nobel peace prize winners, to establish a National Centre for Graphene in Manchester and inviting the Chinese president Xi Jinping to UK to Manchester. What an amazing story


More on this later as you know Harlette is testing this amazing material in Sweden, thanks  to some amazing people in Texas to develop new products for the company combining tech with fashion.



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History Repeats

In 1907, at the height of her popularity, Australian Annette Kellerman was arrested on Revere Beach, Massachusetts, for indecency – she was wearing one of her fitted one-piece costumes

I have been hesitant to write on this subject of the French beach Burkini ban when I have personally visited Saudi Arabia as part of the KSA Lingerie Campaign. I have worn and been photographed wearing a hijab and its for this reason I thought it would be sensible to remain neutral. I don’t vote in France and when I visit France I wear a bikini or one piece.

I have decided to comment, as on Thursday outside the French Embassy in London a protest was conducted by women wearing Burkini’s. The tradition and culture of France is being challenged coerced and condemned on the streets of London and in beloved Britain.

As someone that has had a bikini 100% made in France and launched my very first Bikini range in Paris, France in 2013, I have to stand up for #teambikini.

Tradition, Culture are being bounced about, like the wobbly bits bursting from the bikini bottom and tiny triangle tops and all the while the traditions of relaxing on the beach in peace, worshipping the sun, reading a good book, taking a dip in the ocean are being over taken by statement swimsuits on the beach.

But its not the first time someone has been arrested on a beach in a swimsuit and I doubt it will be the last. Annette Kellerman was arrested on Revere Beach, Massachusetts, for indecency when she wore one of her fitted one piece costumes in 1907.

Ironically Annette Kellerman born and bred in Sydney Australia, ended her days on the Gold Coast. I was born in Sydney moved to the Gold Coast and my family live there today.

Papers are claiming that the creator of the Burkini is Australian but Ms Zanetti was born in Lebanon and immigrated.

Following the 2005 riots, Cronulla council invited Muslim women to become lifesavers in an effort to make the beach more inclusive.

Ms Zanetti was commissioned to design a modest version of the iconic red and yellow swimsuit for the new volunteers to wear.

Elastic Heart

The world is wondering What exactly is the power of 25cm of Lycra material & 2 meters of elastic.

France is at the forefront of the “Butt Four”(but for) the Bikini test. Making a monumental case for less is indeed more.

Most of the beaches where bans have been imposed are on the Riviera in south-east France.

However, few are thought to have issued fines other than the authorities at Cannes and Nice, where more than 20 fines have been handed out

Barbara Streisand in the sixties sang  a song titled when in Rome do as the Romans do?

So what do the Romans do in France they wear bikini’s they even go topless.

What do the Romans do in Britain, they wear Bikinis 👙 which is 100% more modest than the Freikörperkulturst ‘nudist’ camps in Germany or the fondness for nude sauna’s and birch beating branches practices in Scandinavia.

What do the Romans do Down Under on Bondi Beach ? They wear Bikinis 👙 well every one except Nigella!

What do the romans do in USA well the beach boys sang it so successfully

The West coast has the sunshine
And the girls all get so tanned
I dig a French bikini on Hawaii island
Dolls by a palm tree in the sand
I wish they could be California girls.

There is a beach volleyball game of ideas being served up. I’m standing firmly in the quick sand on the side of “team bikini” I stand ready to serve a volley to win game set & match on the shoulder of giants. Icons of the perfect 10, Bo Derek in a bikini 👙 ?

The journey of a bikini 👙 is a fascinating and alluring and down right glamorous in moments. Starting in France its designed, colour pallets set by trend agents and presented to professionals at the trade shows in Paris & Lyon.

A year later your buying a bikini 👙 for your summer 🎆 holiday. Something that everyone has experienced by birth right is the right to wear a bikini 👙 at the beach.

Well that was what I thought until June 2009, I was looking at the sea & a beach off the shore of Jeddah. Not a bikini in sight, well in Jeddah, the romans don’t do bikinis 👙 The rule of law is enforced by the religious police.

The Islamic religious police (Arabic: مطوع‎‎ muṭawwiʿ, plural مطوعون muṭawwiʿūn – derived from Arabic: mutaṭawwiʿa/muṭṭawwiʿa) is the official vice squad of some Islamic states, who on behalf of the state, enforces Sharia law in respect to religious behavior (morality), or the precepts of Wahhabism.

Anything that breaks the laws of morality are brought to the attention of the mutaween and was the very reason I was standing in Saudi Arabia in the first place. Images of women in lingerie were blacked out 100%, men were only allowed to sell lingerie products and the woman that invited me into Saudi had been stopped by the religious police for trying to remove the label to view what the lingerie product looked like.

In 2016, with people protesting, outside the French embassy in London wearing a Burkini. How many of the British women have been to middle east countries with dress restrictions against the right to wear a bikini?

What point are they making?

I was unable to wear my normal clothes, I had to wear an abaya and hijab, I was respectively adhering to law staying in my hotel room not being in public alone. Definitely not defiantly wearing a bikini on Jeddah seafront. When in Rome, I did as the Romans did! I covered up, I changed, I respected the customs the law and the local dress style.

I ask the simple question why is the western legal system being challenged by those that are not OK to follow when in Rome do as the Romans do! You cant have the rule of law, all times, all countries, otherwise we then have a single government, a single rule, that supersedes all countries.


Can there be grounds for “Bikini Exit”? Was Brexit a partial response to EU law superseding British law. Other wise what is the point of a constitution, royal families, privy councils and individual nations government.

Could the Bikini actually be the symbol of The right to vote in your country, your local government and your local council. How and why does the “burkini” symbolise human rights in 21st century?

What do nuns do when they visit the beach?

Why have we not seen a claim of a habit to be worn on a beach as human rights?

I might make light, to make a point of this? I might jest about a “Butt Four” test. But would any one come and save me, defend me, and claim my human rights if I made a decision to wear a bikini 👙 on a Saudi beach?

Of course being a rational, and law abiding visitor to another nation. Its not an action I would take. Only for the sake of debate do I illustrate the two sides of the Lycra liability.

Big words like human rights are being attached to 1 meter of Lycra with a zipper versus 25 cm of Lycra with 2 meters of Elastic.

Who where and when will my human right to wear a bikini on Jeddah beach be defended. The answer is never, so why are these big two words, being associated with what is happening on the Riviera.

I have to stand up for #teambikini.

What team will you stand up for?

Tweet #teambikini



Harlette debut in ELLE UK Little Luxuries & LIVE STREAM MBFW NY SPRING 2014 COLLECTIONS

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Harlette made its debut in ELLE UK Little Luxuries – September edition featuring the fabulous Billie Piper from Secret Diary season four in our double trouble luxurious lounge set.

You can shop Billie Pipers look here

Thanks to rightster you can enjoy all the live stream from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014 Collections in New York, taking place September 5-12, 2013 here on Harlette.


Swim by Harlette – Salon International de la Lingerie 2013 Paris

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Lingerie Insight broke the news about the new Swim Collection by Harlette launched at Salon International de la Lingerie 2013. Read it here


Inspired by all things James Bond and Paris Catwalk Collections.

Harlette have created a fashion forward swim collection

The Collection Features Made with SWAROVSKI Elements

To give a true luxury swim experience

Whether your Poolside in Dubai or Hollywood Hills,

Beachside in Bermuda, Bondi, Canne, Ibiza or Positano

No one will have a One piece or Bikini as fashion forward as your SWIM by Harlette

Taking you from Beach to Bar to Club or Home these pieces can Transition with you to outerwear

Here is an advanced preview of the SWIM collection by Harlette available later this year featuring vintage bikini, directional one pieces and sheer shorts.




Keep an eye on our Swim by Harlette pinterest board for more images

Postcards from Paris

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Snow Snow Snow and more Snow, with the collection getting almost stuck in London, getting to the 50th Anniversary Paris Lingerie Show this year is an adventure all on it’s own, but that is a story for another time.

On Stand B80 our little pocket of Paris Heaven, the new pieces look stunning, lots of people are having fun coming up and touching the fabulous feathers and leaving with a smile.

We have a few Postcards from Paris to share with you for your enjoyment.

 Huntress Savannah Launched Paris Lingerie Show Jan 2013

Huntress Savannah Launched Paris Lingerie Show Jan 2013

Crystal Palace Harlette Couture Launched Paris Lingerie Show Jan 2013

Crème Contessa launched Paris Lingerie Show Jan 2013

Crème Contessa launched Paris Lingerie Show Jan 2013 made with SWAROVSKI elements

Enchantress Electra launched Paris Lingerie Show Jan 2013

Enchantress Electra launched Paris Lingerie Show Jan 2013 made with SWAROVSKI elements

Billie Piper in Secret Diary in USA on Showtime 7th April

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So it has been a fun filled eight week adventure of  watching Billie Piper as Belle and Hanna in the fourth and final series of Secret Diary here in the UK on ITV2 and picking out all the Harlette Luxury Lingerie pieces. What a cliff hanger of an ending really this week. !!!

 All we want now is Secret Diary the movie and we will be very happy.

So many great moments, did you keep up with Tiger Aspect’s style guide.

We did and to our surprise we got a section on luxury lingerie. Ooh la la, This is what Tiger Aspect had to say

When you are making a show like Secret Diary

there is no avoiding lingerie.

For our show it has to be top notch,

so we turned to some of the best,

amongst them was Harlette.

To read more please click here

The great news for  secret diary fans in USA Showtime have the show from 7th April.

Follow them on Twitter and see the showtime website for secret diary

To see the trailer for the show

End of an Era Harrods sold to Qatar Royal Family

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The midnight oil has been burning in Hatton st, in Mayfair for months, slipping in the side entrance via Mayfair place into Lazard’s, bleary eyed analysts, that have been adjusting markup after markup of the deal, will be breathing a big sigh of relief now its out and official.

Although, a flurry of activity precursed todays announcement, with a press releases to put the wider public off the scent. On 4th of April Sunday Times report added that Mohammed Al Fayed  said he would never sell the business ….

8th May Ken Costa Chairmen of Lazards confirms the deal but does not reveal the actual amount according to unconfirmed sources the deal is worth a £1.5bn deal… 

“Qatar Holding was specifically chosen by the Trust as they had both the vision and financial capacity to support the long term successful growth of Harrods.”

Al Fayed, who also owns English soccer club Fulham, bought Harrods in 1985 for about 615 million pounds at a time when the group also owned the House of Fraser department store chain, which was later spun off.

The transfer of Harrods to Qatar Holding will be the fifth owner of Harrods since its creation in 1840. 

I guess the old saying stands true Never say Never


As one era ends a new era begins especially for Roman Abramovich with the Eclipse making its maiden voyage from Blohm + Voss in Hamburg. The Eclipse features a military-grade missile defense system, armor plating and bullet-proof windows. It also has three helipads, two swimming pools – the larger of which converts into a dance floor when drained – six foot home cinema screens in every guest cabin, and a master suite where the roof opens to sleep under the stars

Do you think the sale of Harrods and Eclipse setting sail might be a sign that the big boys are getting out of old blighty until Parliament is sorted out???

Almost forget the lingerie, Harlette is busy working on the new collection at the moment and has been busy with commissions for private client work.

Most recently pieces of the collection have been sent to a member of the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia and also working on a custom piece for a US TV Star.

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