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Naughty Romantic.

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This week saw the launch of 52 Courtesan secrets to unleash the naughty romantic in you and your partner to have the most romantic year of your life right now.

We have been researching notorious famous courtesans, consorts and rakes like Casanova, Henry the 8th, Ann Boleyn, Marquise De Sade, James Bond, Marie Antoinette, Geshias and why they are so irresistable.


What we found out was astonishing, and really they were little things that they did consistently that made them the naughty romantics that we admire today.


So we have put together a list of their secrets that you can learn and practice out on your lover.  To get the secrets join Harlette’s inner circle by adding your email and name on Harlette’s website’s first page. We look forward to delighting your for a year, to make it the most romantic year of your life.

Speaking of Naughty Romantic, Harlette has a new video from  Cannizaro House during Wimbledon Fashion Week

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Cannizaro House Wimbledon Fashion Week

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Midas Touch

What a week Jeddah to London, from Seven Star Hotels with 12 meter crystal chandelier’s and Abaya’s to Cannizaro House and Harlette House Coat’s.


Midas Touch was a hit and received much applause from Wimbledon Fashion Week. Harlette has been generating interest from various different fashionista’s from London. As soon as we touched into London, we received a call from Channel 4 production company Maverick to see if we wanted to attend a pilot filming on Friday for a show to do with the Liberty Store.


Due to Wimbledon Fashion Week commitments we were unable to attend the filming but the good news is if the pilot is a success in October they will be filming the Liberty store designer open day and Harlette have been invited. So we will keep you posted.


Meanwhile back in Jeddah the Qasr Al Sharq – a member of The Waldorf=Astoria Collection with 12 meter long Swarovski chandelier, which graces the main staircase, with 600,000 crystals chained together, gilded in 24 carat gold and sparkling with 260 lights is still taking the attention of Harlette.


Such a spectacular finishings its is recommended as a must stay hotel as it has a seven star rating and has views of the Red Sea.  Saudi Arabia is a must see destination, the place is like no other, and on relection it is just as mysterious  after leaving it than before you arrive.


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