Behind the Scenes: Filming 24k Gold fabric with Sony 4K @ Pinewood Studios

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The 4K journey has begun here at Harlette.

Along the 4K journey, the questions start, how will a 24K Gold fabric work and what camera will bring out the best in the 24K gold?

Harlette worked with Sony to test what a fabric with 24K Gold and Platinum would look like using a 4K top-end motion picture camera

The results were more than interesting and with the right lighting and movement.

“The fabric danced and the 24K Gold on 4K mesmerising!”

This is just one of the most surprising experiences, to see a fabric come to life,  even before its made into a garment.




This is a behind the scenes view of a fabric test with 24K gold conducted at Pinewood Studios thanks to Sony. The camera used for the fabric test is the F65.





Happy Valentines

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This year, as you eat your chocolates, nibble on strawberries and take time out to smell the roses. Have you thought about who spread the idea of celebrating “Love” on 14th of February?


According to Chaucer and the Cult of St Valentine, there is much debate and speculation around when St Valentine stepped into the limelight to become love’s IT Guy and why 14th of February was the day to celebrate Love.

According to a quick whip around the online bible aka Google. The day first became associated with romantic love within the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century, when the tradition of courtly love flourished.


The first recorded association of Valentine’s Day with romantic love is in Parlement of Foules (1382) by Geoffrey Chaucer.[24] Chaucer wrote:

For this was on seynt Volantynys day
Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make.

[“For this was on St. Valentine’s Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate.”]

Now it gets interesting reading into the pages of Chaucer and the Cult of St Valentine, three other people were writing on this topic of Love around 14th & 15th Century and it took time for these ideas to spread. Savoyard Oton de Grandson, John Gower and Valencian Pardo.


These days we have an idea around the planet in 2 secs with the wonder and magic of #hashtags, YouTube, twitter & Facebook. Ideas circle around the planet in 140 words or less thanks to everyone that retweets & likes. Back in the 14th century ideas had to walk, they had to talk, take horseback, take boats, mature, mellow and then get dipped in ink.

Just think about how quickly everyone was Twerking, Planking, and all the other things that Twitter and Facebook have taught us over the years.

The fact that we celebrate love today is a miracle when you think about it, and I wonder exactly what our generation will get to share with future generations?

My vote is with #spacerocks


This was the #quote of the week

Sex in outer space. “While NASA officials don’t categorically state that there has never been any sexual activity in space, they have consistently drawn a veil over public discussion of such questions.” According to NASA spokesman, John Ira Petty, “We consider all aspects of long-duration space flight. Obviously there are various psychological stresses (that crews would have to face), but in terms of experiments in sex in space, that’s just not on the agenda” (reported by MSNBC TV, February 24, 2000).



The Spell of London

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The very first book I ever discovered in London was a magical book by H.V. Morton printed in 1926 and the 11th edition 1933








#NormCom Revolution Paris Nana’s in Knickers

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Imagine the catwalk bursting into life and colour as the first lingerie silhouettes take flight and sounds fill the air like hungry ghosts reminding you, I don’t think about you anymore but I don’t think about you any less

There is acrobatic ribbon dancing and a sweet serenade between lovers embracing and climbing on each other as the show intensifies.

Then, arrives without warning, a moment when you scratch your head, and ask really is this what people want?


Well in Paris on the 25th of January 2016, that is what the crowd clapped and cheered for. In the Garden of Eden, enchantment surrounded, elegance and the best succulent designs from around the globe were not cheered, were not celebrated they were treated as the expected, the mundane, the average and the same.


In a moment of frenzy, what you see in every house around the world in basic traditional colours. Erupted a reaction that one can only describe as Incredible.

Claps and Cheers for “Nana’s in Knickers” as they skipped and sauntered their way through Lingerie Paris catwalk on a Sunday afternoon.


There is a movement of people #JOMO (joy of missing out) and celebrating disconnecting from it all, going to bed at 10pm and getting up a 4am doing life like our grandparents did.

Now with what was on the catwalk in Paris are we going to be looking to our grandparents to be style icons?

Will the ROMCom all white t shirt, blue jeans, white tennis shoes stars from friends be replaced with NormCom, and Nana’s and styles to be defined by normal hair shades, normal colour palettes.

Is this what society craves right now, Normal?

Or is it something more delicious than this?

That Femininity of all ages is timeless, that no age group is going to be left out. That the catwalk is no longer something exclusive for a younger female form.

Big Questions

Is there a revolution starting in Paris that will permeate the annuals of Fashion?

At the Paris Opera, there was a live band, playing The Specials Message to Rudy

Stop your messing around (ah-ah-ah)
Better think of your future (ah-ah-ah)
Time you straighten right out (ah-ah-ah)
Creating problems in town (ah-ah-ah)

The song permeated what was going on the catwalks, at the core of life, right now its about basics, settling down, accepting what is. The future is very much unknown, but we are going to need the strength and wisdom of all our family, friends, and all age groups to get where we all need to go to in 2016.

Its all about celebration of #NormCore from Paris, with the Designer of the Year being Hanro.


Is this the year 2016 of Reality Lingerie?


New Year New You

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WP_20160101_09_47_54_ProNew year always brings the best and worst out in us. All the good intentions aside, there is that looming  “list”… All the things you thought were going to happen and then all the things that didn’t.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

I did my contemplations for 2016 curled by a fire, bit like taking a stocktake over tea, 2015 to 2016.

The list of questions went like this listening to songs that America horse with no name and Stevie Wonders That Girl

1. List things you discovered in 2015 that nurture you, that you want to take into the new year.

2. List things you discovered that take from you, that you want to leave behind in 2015 and be free in 2016.

3. List things that you want to discover in 2016.

4. List things you thought you would discover in 2015 but didn’t get to, do any still need to be discovered in 2016?

5. List 3 things that have nothing to do with things that you should do or other people expect of you, that delight you, make a promise to do at least 1, for your own Joy before 2017.

On New Years Eve, I had the joy of talking to all those special in my life, from the other side of the world, the funniest and best thing I heard was from “Sister and her Husband” they were jumping into 2016 hands up high screaming on a rollercoaster ride of being so good, its almost like listening to a pair of angels that had grown wings and were not afraid to use them.

They greeted 2016 fasting, no little sips of champagne,  no little sneaky blini’s with smoked salmon in the kitchen cupboard, no chocolate truffles, no green juice fasting either. 100% breatharians. Their mantra goes a little like this

Why set resolutions, we are doing it now, we don’t set resolutions, we live them we are living them right now. . It was one of their finest moments.. as came the comment that became, I think is 2016’s river of gold “We are the Resolution”.

This was a really interesting thing to think about, what do we do every day that we are already living our resolutions that don’t need to be put on that “List”

Keep Going with your 2016 plans

What ever you dream of make it true

That’s what designers do, make things that are in the mind come true, turn dreams into reality. Here is behind the scenes view of one of the pieces that became a reality in 2015.


Breast Cancer Bowie and the Love of Fashion

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Many of you would notice I have not written in a very long time, yesterday my mum called to tell me the news about David Bowie. The conversation was a different one than what you would expect. It was a little more closer, it was a little more real and it was personal.

My mum the same age as Bowie, also has cancer, 2015 was the year that my mum was diagnosed twice, she has endured two different surgeries, for two different types. 42 days ago I fainted to the floor of the hospital back in Australia as she came out of surgery for a breast cancer. I had to fly out in an emergency.

As the anaesthetist rubbed my arm and tried to prepare me, before they brought my mum back, she knew what was about to happen. In your life there are some doors you don’t want to open, but you must open them, walk through them, even though every part of your being does not want to. It was a moment in my life and my mothers life that we can never forget. I discovered what the love for another human being really means.

To see someone you love, suffer in pain, can cause a pain inside so deep, that you can loose your breath in shock, and fall faint collapse from that feeling. This was not a Jane Austen my corset is too tight moment, it was a moment that brought her life, my life, flashing before me. A feeling in my stomach I can not explain but to feel it turns me white.

The courage of my mother to get out of bed to walk 2 days later, to get out into the sunshine at day 32  and then to call day 42 to talk about someone born in the same country, the exact same age, only a few days apart, that had died yesterday from the same disease with the same very same word cancer is hard to reconcile.

We worked through the moment as one does, how life has changed my Mum was in London when Bowie began and she was in Australia when the songs came to an end. I first saw Bowie in Australia on a show hosted by Ian Molly Meldrum called Countdown. I remember the lyrics

“My mother said to get things done you better not mess with major tom”.

I remember the imagery of the clown, the crashed muted kaleidoscope colour scheme of the video. I was a baby but Bowie was it for me and on his final day I was in London.

A London boy, oh a London boy
Your flashy clothes are your pride and joy
A London boy, a London boy
You think you’ve had a lot of fun

The hearts in London are beating for Bowie, the lyrics of London boys recited from those born in Brixton. People visiting the streets where Bowie album covers created. Words like Pioneer, Genius, radio stations, TV stations all moving mountains to play his final play list.

I woke up with Bowie lyrics this morning, where does that come from?

“I’m only Dancing “

Mesmerised by what Countdown glowed and shimmered toward me, hints of what that fashion, music and the future could be. Then came stand and deliver Adam Ant, U2 New Years Day singing on a barge  .. but nothing felt as “Fashion” like Madonna and Bowie “put on your red shoes and dance the blues, lets sway”. Suddenly there was “Paris”  “007” “View to a Kill” and that unusual repeated name “Duran Duran”.

George Michael covered my school locker and it all went according to plan. Well so they thought, in truth I spent the days studying IT at uni and occasionally leaving to draw ball gowns on the beach. There was that elective subject that also didn’t get on my academic transcript called retail therapy 101 … My best friend and I got high distinctions you can see here head to side perfected with years of practice for my first Marchesa moment.

For me Bowie meant fusion “Music” “Fame” and “Fashion” how amazing that I was born in a time that I could see the first music videos, that I could hear about the 60’s and the Moody Blues my mum used to play this song to me as a child.

Nights in white satin
Never reaching the end
Letters I’ve written
Never meaning to send

She took me to my first Michael Jackson concert, and pushed her way across a stadium to take me right up the front so I could see and dance. My mum is cool, she had band speakers, she played them really loud we were the only ones I know ever to have them. Then she got her first Mordaunt-Short (the great British speaker) and well let me tell you Moody Blues did sound a little better on these. Well so we were told and shown (many many times).

We went through them all from Nana Mouskouri to Demis Roussos and then its best not to discuss the Yanni years or the Enya or the Enigma for that matter because no matter how hard you try they are definitely not her definitive Black Sabbath, Marianne Faithful or Santana days.

The mother I love ignited my passion for fashion, music, art, literature, movies, ballet, belief in the fairies at the bottom of the garden and “entertained” the possibility that we might not be alone in the universe.

The first time I listened to sergeant pepper’s lonely hearts club band in its entirety and got the album was moment of musical graduation. At school, I studied music, you name it, sang in the choir, played piano, wrote my first sonata, sang for my final year, played the clarinet, the tenor horn, (not at all glamourous). I read music, wrote music and love to hear a stolen sample of Iggy Pop show up in a rap song on the best of days.

“I am the passenger “

Yet there was also that awkward bit, in my musical journey, when I did not get John Lennon, and as I have grown up the brilliance of Mind Games has not been lost on me.

“Yes is the Answer you know that for sure”

Where were you when you first heard Chicane Offshore? I was visiting from Australia, and was in the office of London Records, in Hammersmith, my friend played me this song, I had never heard anything like it. At the time she was PA to a DJ you might have heard of him Pete Tong (& he had some radio show possibly).

I had another moment like this when I heard Random Access Memories Daft Punk in 2013 I would jog to this in the botanical garden in Sydney past the Opera House do my sit-ups looking at the harbour bridge in the Sunshine and boom I heard track 13. “Contact” it was like Daft Punk asked a question and then boom track 12 Paper Gods 2015 Duran Duran answers the Question with their song “Universe Alone”.

I wonder is it because conduits of sound, Nile Rodgers appears on both albums and of course David Bowies Lets Dance, one will never know.

Let’s dance

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues

Let’s dance

Dance to the song they’re playing on the radio

Let’s sway

While colour lights up your face

Let’s sway

Sway through the crowd to an empty space

How does all of this interrelate and influence designers, film makers, writers and artists. Are they linked,  Bowie asks the quintessential question?

Don’t you wonder sometimes ‘Bout sound and vision.

Miss Universe Curacao 2014 Laurien Angelista wears Harlette at International Swim Fashion Week Curacao

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Here is a first image out of Miss Universe Curacao 2014 Laurien Angelista wearing Harlette on the runway Day 2 of International Swim Fashion Week held at Santa Barabara Resort Curacao

11008008_399761323518585_444406239_n   logo-harlette

Harlette is the first British brand to show at International Swim Fashion Week Curacao

The runway right next to the beach makes this most glamorous runway located in luxurious island of Curacao in the Caribbean.

ath B9_VKSTCcAIGTz8 B9g5Gq4IQAETpuwWP_20150221_19_46_14_Prodang4 log-300x159

To follow more on Laurien and Miss Universe Curacao see instagram and instagram or twitter or website link below

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