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Amy Willerton Crowned Miss London 2012

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Congratulations Miss Amy Willerton crowned in London on St Patrick’s Day 17th of March 2012 at Cafe du Paris as the new Miss London 2012. Judges on the night included Alan Strutt, Amy Willerton is not new to the pageant circuit having been crowned Miss Bristol 2010, and Miss Bath 2011.

Amy became well known in the press when she highlighted some very questionable going on’s she experienced in South Korea during the 2011 Miss Asia Pacific World which she represented Wales. Amy highlighted the unsavoury practice of the pageant allowing and coercing pageant representatives to exchange sex for votes and left the country immediately, this ground breaking story was picked up by both the BBC , the Mirror and the Sun.

Later in 2011 Amy was on TV in the Signed by Katie Price TV show on Sky Living which also featured the lovely Melissa Reeves who wore Harlette in her 2012 Calendar.

Amy went on to win the signed by Katie Price show, and was launched to the press with Katie Price on 20th of January 2012.

Only a couple of weeks ago Amy was in the papers again with the story by the Mirror that she was not going to continue with Katie Price due to differences over prizes with the show etc.

Now 17th of March 2012 Amy is crowned Miss London 2012, we wish Amy the very best of luck in her career and looking forward to seeing how her journey and year as Miss London 2012 will unfold for London and her family.

Also we say goodbye to the Miss London 2011 Miss Rissikat Bade who of course rocked our Harlette Rendezvous Renaissance set in her Maxim shoot.

Of course all the Miss London 2012 behind the scenes magic, is provided by stylist Fay L Bacon and UK Model Folios and you can follow their Official Miss London Beauty Pageant facebook page


Saudi Lingerie Boycott – Women Only Stores Can Work and Do Work

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After two weeks of increased press around the world on the second two week lingerie boycott to raise awareness on the issue of  making men only sales assistants in lingerie stores in Saudi Arabia a thing of the past. I was shocked with an article published by Arab News that highlighted all the negative reasons why women only stores could not work in Saudi Arabia. Titled Unmanned’ lingerie shops face problems 

None of the points raised were new, I had heard them all in a forum that was held at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce on my last day in Saudi Arabia as part of Reem Asaad’s campaign in June 23rd 2009 and I answered these points directly to representatives of lingerie companies including Nayomi at the forum.


What I find interesting is that a national newspaper is printing these objections to women only stores in the middle of the campaign that the BBC are covering, the Kipp Report titled Saudi’s war to work, and the LA Times just to mention a few as the world is watching this issue.

The main issue re iterated by arab news are these

  1. The need for Security in the women only stores prevent sales,
  2. Removal of merchandise in the windows prevents sales,
  3. Removal of male staff prevent sales
  4. A high turnover of women that are hired and they are unqualified.

Having been to Jeddah last year, and trained the 26 women in lingerie sales and measuring. I was able to visit all the lingerie stores available in different shopping areas of Jeddah, from Nayomi, BHS,  Marks & Spencer, La Perla Al Sawani, and I find the statements made in this article, far from supportive of the campaign to allow women only lingerie stores in Saudi Arabia.

 I conducted independent research on the volume of sales, the security required for the stores and found a great example of how it can work. The La Perla store on Tahlia Street had no difficulty with sales, with security and with how to handle situations that required them to be family orientated.

The visual merchandising aspect of a store in terms of attracting customers into a store for ladies lingerie is not the actual thing that creates sales, what creates sales is how women interact with the customer and the product.

Especially that they can work with women by measuring them, providing them advise and providing change rooms that allows women to be measured and try the right size bra on.

Using the argument about high turnover and unqualified sales women is overcome by conducting consistent training such as the training that our company provided in Saudi Arabia  last year.

Women around the world sell lingerie and are trained to and taught how to measure and how to sell. The 26 women that completed training in sales and measuring were all able to measure within 48hrs of attending the course in Saudi Arabia last year. 

Increased sales for retailers will be a natural by product of increased training. The issue is not of high turnover , but lack of adequate training, and the right recruitment selection of women that want to enter the workforce in Saudi Arabia.

If retailers gave women sales incentives to sell, just like other countries around the world, the right people would be attracted to work in the sales environment.

Women only stores can work, do work and generate more sales. I look forward to seeing more stores in the coming future and am excited for Saudi Arabia as they take this challenge.

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Men Prefer Black Lingerie

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According to a recent UK poll picked up by the Daily Star and Telegraph over  50%  of  men prefer Black Lingerie..

Thank Goodness for that as the video for Harlette Luxury Lingerie on the runway in Paris just arrived and the ladies are all in Black…

Its been a hectic pace in Paris for the launch of the collection, London for meetings and the filming by Maverick Production for a show by the BBC on the behind the scenes of getting a product into a department store.

Harlette Luxury Lingerie, showcasing the £10,000 Harlette Platinum Lingerie

Then back to Paris in the Snow for Premiere Vision, the theme is Cheeky Opulence for 2010, bad boy meets ladies in opulent materials

So more about the actual survey by laundrycare expert, Dr Beckmann, the findings has seen the Red underwear out, and black underwear in, changing long held myths that women have held dearly to especially around valentines day.

Red has often been held to be the sexiest lingerie colour although when Harlette conducted their own research red was prefered by women and men found that it represented danger. According to the Telegraph Red is typically worn by women – the one women wear when they are feeling “flirty”, despite the fact it barely flatters the typical ‘pale English rose’ complexion.

But this is no longer true, according to the average British male. Once believed to be a favourite for Valentine’s Day boudoir gifts, racy, red lingerie, is now considered the biggest bedroom turn-off by British chaps, according to Dr Beckmann’s study.

More than 50% of the men questioned put red at the top of their least favourite list, with a further 18% giving the thumbs-down to pink, and 11% saying ‘No’ to flesh-tones.

Body Magazine US also featured pictures of the Harlette Luxury Lingerie collection shown on the runway in Paris

The ladies from the Knicker Blog, also covered the Paris Lingerie show and included a great piece on Harlette Luxury Lingerie, much to our suprise.

Special note of condolence to Lee Alexander McQueen’s family at this time. When true talent is lost one can only spend a moment in silence & reflect on all the wonderous moments of joy that has been created & shared with the world. Fashion never Dies, it just gets re interpreted, recycled and re inpired. We were all fortunate to see his talent flourish and make many people in the world happy for the moments they shared with his creations.


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Puss & Kram Sweden I am off to Saudi Tomorrow

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This weeks posting is short and sweet on account I am packing for Saudi Arabia, tonight.  Although over the weekend I did do some writing for a debate published in the Expressen newspaper in Sweden. So puss and kram to everyone that is the reading the blog after reading this article.

This week has been jammed full of filming Miss Sonia Lipski acting Miss World for a bra fitting, that will be used in the Art of Selling Lingerie masterclasses being held at Dar Al Hekma College, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from 13th to 24th of June.

On top of preparing everything to do with the masterclasses, the final pieces for Wimbledon Fashion week have been finished and I collected them today. Pink Promise, Champagne Princess, Midas Touch will all be unveiled at Wimbledon Fashion Week 25th and 26th of June in London.

After Wimbledon is all over a quick stop in France to meet with lingerie manufacturers. So I have a jetset couple of weeks ahead, all because a BBC article was forwarded to me and the facebook campaign that Reem Assad created. We truly do live in a wonderful world, where we are never really far from anyone.

Look foward to updating you from Jeddah and please keep up to date with all the trip highlights from twitter.

I will post the english version of the article soon…

The Role of Women in Lingerie Fitting

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naomi The lingerie fitter’s biggest challenge faced on a daily basis is what happens when they fit customers in a fitting room. Overcoming barriers and personal space is one thing that most courses do not teach and generally is something that is a learned skill that is perfected over time.

Trained lingerie specialists all over the world face this particular challenge every day, and we as their customers tend to have great experiences, ordinary experiences and experiences that were not so successful that we will share and compare.

So if we cast our minds to what is currently happing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are fortunate to be given such an opportunity that we have this luxury to be fitted any time any place, by women that are trained and skilled to provide the right bra, in the right size, at the right price no matter what department store, supermarket or boutique we choose to purchase from.

In Saudi Arabia, the challenges faced by women to get accurate information about size and fit for intimate apparel far outweighs a lingerie fitters or a customer’s challenges in fitting rooms in the UK, USA and Europe.

The nature of the product is delicate as it is fitting the most intimate parts of the female form. The role of a trained fitter can require the fitter to view, recommend size and assist in adjusting the breast into the accurate position several times. This function is not something that a man can performs due to the intimate nature of the activities performed.

One of UK’s largest manufactures of bras conducted extensive research into the area of fittings and discovered that the age group at most risk was the younger population between 16 and 25. As this age group is still developing, growth and changes place stress and strain on the breast tissue and if not properly supported this can lead to stretch marks, or premature sagging.

Of course all this can be prevented and corrected as soon as the right fitting bra is worn. The impact on a woman in not wearing the right sized bra is not just physical it is also psychological and both of these effects on a woman can easily be overlooked as just a headache or back ache, when in the majority up to 70% of cases they are clear symptoms associated with wearing the wrong bra.

 As I think of the industry and the role that women play, it is crucial, that women continue to perform this special service for women. Women require a safe trusting environment to share their body in a way that can provide information for the fitter to perform analysis to accurately fit and adjust a bra.

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Harlette writes for Lingerie KSA – How to Lose a Dress Size in Minutes

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Have you ever bought a bra that when you got it home, then it tried on and discovered that things were heading south when you really wanted them to head north?

We call this Uplift

Have you ever bought a bra that when you got it home, then it tried on and discovered that there was a gap as big as your hand between your back and the bra strap or after wearing it keeps repositioning its self high up your back no matter how many times you pull it down?

We call this Riding and Gaping


Have you ever bought a bra that when you got it home, then tried it on and discovered that you spilled out of round the sides of the cup or over the top of the bra?

We call this Spillage


Have you ever bought a bra that when you got it home, then tried it on and discovered that the material puckers and your breast does not fill the cup leaving extra material?

We call this Puckering


Have you ever bought a bra that when you got it home, then tried it on and discovered that after a while the straps cut into your shoulders and after wearing it digs a groove into your shoulders? If left unchecked this causes a permanent dip in your shoulders.

We call this Ouch and refer to this as Grooving


Have you ever tried on a dress, or top and wished that you could drop a dress size.

We call this thinking positively?



If any of these have happened to you, then you could benefit from a bra fitting. Bra fittings can change the way your dresses look, in fact it can make you drop a dress size with just wearing a bra that is fitted to you (hoorah to that)


A great philosopher said that you are what you think, but when it comes to bra sizes actually it’s often the reverse


You are not what you think you are!


It is a statistical fact that 70% to 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra that means 7 out of 10 of you reading this right now are wearing the wrong bra. YES YOU.


When you wear the wrong bra you are likely to suffer from grooving, spillage, puckering, riding up the back, jutting out at the front as its not fitting against the rib cage correctly.


This leads to headaches, back aches, tingling in the arms, restricted breathing, abrasions, rashes and breast pain, especially during exercise.  From a style perspective clothes looking too small for you and are aging you.


So the way a bra fits you can actually remove the need for BOTOX. The best way to get a bra to fit you is to have a lingerie specialist to measure you and fit you.


Remember that not all bra’s are going to fit all bodies, differences in manufacturer’s, designs, laces, stretch knit, power meshes all work differently on different bodies. Trained specialists know how different bras fit with all shapes and sizes.


The biggest things that we as women do is get blinded by the colour and often do not take into account the way it actually works with our bodies. Our bodies change over time, with pregnancy, dieting and exercise.


So having trained specialists is the going to make you thinner and younger in minutes.


What are you waiting for, KSA a new you, starts with trained lingerie specialists

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The Art of Selling Lingerie

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This week has been an interesting week, a pink dolphin has appeared out of no where,  and the struggle facing Saudi women in the sales of lingerie products really got my attention.

The BBC article described the Lingerie Trade being in a Twist

A wonderful woman by the name Reem Asaad has begun campaigning for women to have the right to sell lingerie. In Saudi Arabia, it is the current practice that men sell intimate apparel to women.

Now this topic was one always hot to debate at Selfridges as men and women both work on the floor in the Lingerie department. Some customers welcome this, some do not, but one area that men are not allowed to work are in the fitting of the garments and the change rooms.

I am passionate about the art of lingerie selling and have been in touch with Reem to offer any assistance in this area, Reem has replied and I will update you on any developments.

I have a quick explanation of the art of selling lingerie on the 3 keys to selling lingerie on you tube

Before you ask here is the link for the pink dolphin, I totally want one, the ultimate mermaid accessory.

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