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Harlette Debut in Tatler UK’s Winter Wish List

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Harlette have made their debut in Tatler UK  Winter Wishlist


Black Label Double Trouble Silk & Signature Harlette Lace Cami Top as seen in Secret Diary on Billie Piper

You can shop Billie Piper’s look from the wish list directly from our e-boutique

Black Label Double Trouble Silk & Signature Harlette Lace Short as seen in Secret Diary on Billie Piper  (1)

This set was personally picked by Billie Piper and her award winning costume director Edward K Gibbon to feature in the fourth and final series of Secret Diary. This set made its debut in Season Four Episode Two


Harlette Debuts in British Vogue & London Fashion Week SS14 Live Stream

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Harlette made its debut in October’s British Vogue with Alexa Chung on the cover which went on stands in the UK earlier this week. Vogue featured Billie Piper wearing the Harlette collection and had this to say

Billie Piper wears Harlette Luxury Lingerie Collection

Harlette Luxury Lingerie collection has been worn by models Lara Stone and Laetitia Casta and was selected by Billie Piper to wear in Secret Diary of a Call Girl fourth and final series. They own the patent for the world first diamond suspenders and the Economic Times listed the the company as the 5th most unique company to supply customers globally. Harlette has appeared on reality tv show Britain’s Next Big Thing and has been featured in the book Saudi Arabia on the Edge, Thomas Lippman.

We are happy to share all the livestream action of London Fashion Week SS14 thanks to Rightster. Its boots and all to follow LFW from tomorrw 13th September till the 17th September here is a link to the schedule

Enjoy all the livestream runway fashion shows live here on Harlette.


Guest Blogger : Abeer Maktabi CSM Student Creates her Bravolution with a focus on Middle East Women & Charity

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© Tom Dymond..Stacey Dix - Exhibition ULA/CSM Kings Cross© Tom Dymond...

Late last year we were contacted by this weeks inspired Guest Blogger Abeer Maktabi. Abeer a fabulous CSM (Central St Martin’s) fashion student interviewed Harlette as part of her bravolution dissertation.

We followed up with her a few weeks ago to check how her project was progressing and invited her to be this weeks Guest Blogger.

Abeer had contacted Reem Asaad in 2012 in Saudi Arabia to discuss her dissertation and Reem suggested that Abeer discuss with the project with Harlette.  Abeer and Harlette discussed the project via Skype, and part of the interview was included in the CSM project.

We are excited to share Abeer’s inspiration and vision as its focus is on the Middle East, Women and Charity.

CSM Thesis Project  : BRAVOLUTION


BRAVOLUTION (Bra+Revolution) is a social enterprise project, which uses the bra to support women victimised by sexual harassment and domestic violence in the Middle East. The bra is a garment that categorises the female gender as a woman and a tool that supports a woman’s body, which BRAVOLUTION aims to use metaphorically to support their human rights.


Bravolution brings awareness, women solidarity and a platform for feminist activism. It uses the elite and the educated category of people to bring help to NGOs and women’s organisations. A collection of bra is exclusively designed for purchase as a sign of support for BRAVOLUTION in order to raise profit and share it with the organisations in the Middle East.


By doing this strategy, financial support will be given to lobbyists and policy-makers to work on changing the laws and on raising awareness. Through this bra, I am bringing out a new, stronger and more confidant woman.

This project is based on the creative process, rather than the shiny object.


BRAVOLUTION© from Abeer Maktabi on Vimeo.


The direct link to the video is here

The details of her project can also be found here


Guest Blogger: Rachael Job has done her research into lingerie in Saudi Arabia

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Rachael JobRecently we were contacted by a British University student Rachael Job, to be interviewed as part of  work for her dissertation. It caught our attention as it was on a topic very dear to our heart Reem Asaad and lingerie in Saudi Arabia.

We have invited Rachael to be this weeks Guest Blogger. Enjoy.

Guest Blogger Rachael Job has done her research into lingerie in Saudi Arabia

Rachael Job travelled to the UAE in the summer of 2012 and she noticed that there were only women working in the lingerie stores. She decided to find out more.

Reem Asaad, a financial advisor in Saudi Arabia, began a lingerie campaign against men working in lingerie stores in Saudi in 2008.  Hundreds of women were either choosing to not buy new underwear or were leaving stores in the kingdom red in the face with embarrassment. Men had to pick out underwear for the women in the stores and many women in the kingdom were extremely uncomfortable with this. Saudi Arabia is a gender segregated kingdom meaning that men and women rarely ever come face to face, except for in lingerie stores, which seemed ridiculous to Reem.


Reem Asaad creator of the KSA Lingerie Campaign

Thousands of women joined Reem in her campaign; in 2009 Harlette came to Saudi and spent 10 days training women in selling underwear. In 2011 King Abdullah announced that a royal decree would be put in place banning men from working in all lingerie stores. This later also applied to cosmetic stores.


Women now work in the lingerie stores and this has changed the face of lingerie in the Kingdom. Women are now more economically stable, they are more personal and they have independence. Also lingerie has boomed in terms of sales which show more women are happy to buy underwear in the Kingdom than ever before.

Extract of Dissertation

Rachael has kindly shared a key component her interview with Reem Asaad from her dissertation with us please enjoy.


Interview with Reem Asaad

The three year lingerie campaign for Reem was not just about male sales assistants, or women feeling awkward when purchasing items but it is about women being the reason behind legislation, “It is not just about one key change, it is about women being at the forefront of policy, women travelling to work every day, having medical care for the first time in their lives and daring to dream of retirement benefits.”  All Saudi and expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia are set tax free salaries with free healthcare and retirement benefits.

The esteemed Arabian Business Power list 500 2012 ranked Reem in third place, she is the first ever woman to be ranked in the top ten. “We chose Reem because the issue of female employment in Saudi Arabia is one of the most pressing problems that the country faces at the moment,” said Edward Attwood, the Editor at Arabian Business. Attwood also commented on how Reem’s campaign should entice Saudi to allow more women to work in the private sector, “If Saudi Arabia is to truly recognise its economic potential, and diversify itself away from oil; it really needs to create meaningful jobs for women in the private sector. So while the casual observer might assume that allowing women to work in lingerie stores isn’t that big a deal, it’s actually very significant in Saudi terms.”

Despite the success, Reem has a new campaign already underway, “My next goal is to make the workplace a better place for working women. It seems small but it is huge in Saudi,” Reem says. Legislation is in place that private sector companies should provide childcare facilities for working mothers but like the lingerie store legislation, it is simply not enforced at government level. Reem is currently campaigning to make private sector companies abide by the law and provide childcare facilities. “The approach that I take is that I target unimplemented laws and regulations. Every organisation that employs a certain amount of women (1-50) must have some kind of day-care facility but 95 per cent of them don’t abide by that rule because women didn’t (used to) work in mixed private sector organisations but now they do,” says Reem.

In Saudi Arabia, where gender segregation is firmly enforced and women need permission from a close male such as their husband or father to work and travel, employment had traditionally been seen as an all-male preserve but King Abdullah, known for his modest social reform, is now pushing for women to enter the workforce in Saudi.

“My next fight will be for women to be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Every bit of difference I make to women’s rights will enhance their position economically and socially,” says Reem.

Throughout the campaign Reem had specified that she is not against men, “I am not trying to attack these men working in the stores, there are many good things and solid values that characterize Saudi society, but it goes against Saudi life to have a man selling a woman a personal and intimate item that should only be seen by her husband,” says Reem.

Here is what Rachael had to say about Harlette’s assistance to the KSA Lingerie Campaign.

Harlette lingerie, an exclusive couture lingerie range based in London and Sydney, approached Reem and asked if she would like assistance with her campaign as Harlette has experience in international speaking/ training. “It was clear that women needed training and support prior to entering the stores for the campaign to be a success,” said Harlette. Harlette came to Saudi in 2009 and conducted 10 days of training for the women in Jeddah.  “The teaching was a true gift, to meet so many amazing women all with one purpose to learn something new, to gain employment and the laughter that we shared along the journey was great.” Harlette visited lingerie ranges, undertook lectures and trained women one on one whilst in Saudi and they say they were thrilled to hear that the royal decree was passed in 2011. “What was amazing was that everyone let go of their fears and people were able to measure by the end of the first day, it was an experience that I will treasure,” says Harlette.

Congratulations Reem Asaad – Highest New Entry Power 500 List – Arabian News

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Our good friend Reem Asaad and inspiration behind the the KSA Lingerie Campaign that Harlette ran the training for back in 2009, is the Highest new entry on the Power List 500 by Arabian News and the highest ranked woman.

According to Arabian News

Reem Asaad entered the Power 500 list as the highest ranked women and the highest new entry. It was four years ago when she first launched a campaign calling for better employment opportunities for women and improved consumer rights. The “Lingerie Campaign” gained international recognition stirring many underlying issues about women in Saudi Arabia. She argued that women should be allowed to work in lingerie shops in the Kingdom. Last July, her campaign paid off when the Saudi Labour Ministry banned men from working in lingerie shops after a directive from King Abdullah – in an instant, creating 44,000 jobs for women.”

Congratulations Reem to read the whole article please click here

Braconomics : Where are we Now its 2012

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Well headlines around the world are filled to the brim with the Saudi Lingerie story that we first brought to you in 2009 when Harlette Luxury Lingerie travelled to Saudi Arabia to deliver the 10 day lingerie masterclass for Reem Asaad’s KSA Lingerie campaign. Since then the King Abdullah added his full support back on June 6th 2011 giving retailers 6 months to have women hired trained and ready to serve by January 2012.  Headlines have reported 28,000 women are now ready to work in the Kingdom selling lingerie and cosmetics. We received this tweet from Reem last week.

So its a successful result for Saudi Lingerie campaign and the economic changes for Saudi Arabia as women enter the workforce in this new area.  We received one message this week from a gentleman in London where he commented it was a shame that men had to be banned from working in this field but one has to remember that the pendulum has to swing both ways until it finally rests in this middle.

One needs to remember even at Selfridges on Oxford st, London men are only allowed to work and process transactions at the main cash counters. Men are not employed for the purpose of measuring, fitting or serving women lingerie at our department stores. So Saudi Arabia is giving women the service the rest of the world enjoys which is women serving women in the area of lingerie products.

In China, we have seen a different point of view when it comes to Lingerie. According to the Telegraph in UK, Chinese women do not see the sense in Luxury Lingerie, or the need to spend discretionary income on fabrics for enticing and enchanting a man that they already have.

This is what the Telegraph had to say  in their article The mystery of China’s big spenders

High-end lingerie labels, for example, such as La Perla  and Agent Provocateur, have failed to crack China “Chinese women,” French   explains, “don’t want to spend a fortune on something that only a man they’ve already snared is going to see.” 124 men to every 100 women,   women don’t feel they have to put on a vamp act to find a partner.

Of course the stand out story that is dominating most of the headlines, blogs and arab debate is the Woman in the Blue Bra. For those of you that have missed this story, during a recent demonstration in Egypt the military demonstrated to the general public that they had control by strategic attack on a women dishonouring and humiliating her publically by removing her clothing including her abaya to reveal a blue bra. The woman has remained anonymous but this image of the blue bra has become iconic, an echo of what a delicate tightrope, that Egypt face on the true understanding of the actual social and civil liberties left after the arab spring.

This image has created the term Blue Bra Revolution academics, journalists and writers have been spurred into action by the footage and the pictures discussing the power of women given the attack. This horrific image has become the symbolism for hope, that despite the actions of the military, the woman in the blue bra became a symbol in Egypt for the emancipation of women from religious oppression. Activists replaced the eagle on the flag with a blue bra. The hashtag #bluebra became a rallying cry against the government.

It will be interesting to see the sale statistics for blue bras for the 4th quarter of 2011 and the 1st quarter of 2012 as it has been reported that women all over the world have been buying blue bras in response, that women who are facing extreme conditions either domestically or financially have been buying blue bras to give them more courage if feeling oppressed or needing extra confidence, particularly around men. Its a trend to keep an eye on in 2012.

In Australia the statistics on women owning horses in the horse racing industry have just been released and the figure is 25%. The wife of Gerry Harvey Katie Page-Harvey has launched an interesting campaign to increase women’s participation in the industry by offering a $500 thousand women in racing incentive prize for 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th place winners of the magic millions 2013 BMW two-year-old Classic in 2013.

This prize is to increase the participation of women in the Horse racing industry in Australia. The 2013 BMW two-year-old Classic on the Gold Coast will see the first four all-women owned or leased horses share in $500,000 additional prize money. The first horse will win $350,000, $100,000 for second, $50,000 for third and $25,000 for fourth.

The scholarship prize was launched on the Gold Coast yesterday for the start of the Magic Millions Horse Auctions. Gai Waterhouse one of Australia’s pioneers of women in racing spoke at the event to inspire women to begin the journey of investing in horse racing industry.

Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe Germany Thinks is a Dream & Harlette Finalist in NSW Premier’s Export Awards

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We were all primed for So You Can think, following Coolmore‘s excitement on twitter and facebook around the amazing moment of beauty, but as they say position is everything, and for the cheeky SYT supporters they say  it took 3 fillies to beat SYT.. (:-)

They say the best horse won on the day and that was little known German fily Danedream she stole away as if no one else was on the Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe track at Longchamp. Danedream became the 15th 3-year-old to win the Arc in the last 18 years, and was the first 3-year-old filly to win since the mighty Zarkava in 2008.

She romped ahead with dry hard conditions on the track She crossed the line five lengths in front, the largest winning margin since Sakhee’s six-length tally in 2001, and her winning time of 2:24.49 bettered Peintre Celebre’s race record clocking of 2:24.60 from 1997. Huge longshot Shareta managed to hold second over closing Snow Fairy and So You Think came in fourth.

Last week Harlette Luxury Lingerie was announced a finalist in the NSW Premier’s Export Awards for 2011.

The company made a decision to offshore manufacturing to Australia back in 2008 garments such as these as worn by Billie Piper is Secret Diary shown around the world on TV channels such as ITV, & Showtime

It wonderful to see the company being recognised in Australia for exports of luxury lingerie to USA, UK & Saudi Arabia. To read more click here

This is what Ian Murray, Executive Director of the Australia Institute of Export had to say on the awards

Good exporting is all about developing a profit from your export sales and good profitability flows from having a sound sustainable export business. The 2011 finalists in the Premier’s NSW Export Awards have been judged accordingly and with a sound marketing strategy, innovation and good business practices, the finalists have taken on the world and won. Many have faced strong competition, a difficult business environment and a rising dollar and have successfully emerged as a finalist in the NSW Export Awards.

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