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Onshoring – Harlette

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The media is awash with the news of offshore investments Panama Gate, resignations of Iceland’s Prime Minister, but something that caught my attention was an article in the guardian on sweat shops in Myanmar.

All this talk of Offshoring got me thinking about Onshoring.  Since 2009 Harlette have been practitioners of Onshoring, beginning with designing & manufacturing in Australia.

This is an example of Australian Design and Manufacturing recently on Catwalk in Caribbean on the island of Curacao as part of International Swim Fashion Week.


Kia Archer, from Elite Miami models Riviera Rouge 100% Silk & French Lace

Harlette expanded the Onshoring activities for Luxury Lingerie Manufacturing to UK in 2015 this is 100% made in London with a collection of 8 to 12 styles available in 10 days.


Sharon Fonseca from Ford, model’s Harlette couture Cleopatra ShowPiece

on Catwalk in Caribbean, ISFWCuracao.


Holly Baratta from Elite Miami models

100% made in London showpiece

Featuring 100% UK Linton Tweed made into luxury lingerie

Harlette in 2016 have expanded Onshoring Manufacturing to France last month. To produce this luxury bikini, first run 10 days from fabric selection manufacture to final finish.


Cassandra Ross wears 100% made in France Jet Set Bikini

on ISFWCuracao Catwalk in Caribbean

Harlette approach to limited edition Luxury is unique in the world just as you are unique.

If your discovering Harlette for the first time, our consistent approach to sourcing luxury fabrics and French lace quality sees our collections selected by stylists, TV shows and magazines.

Harlette onshore all luxury design, manufacturing in three countries Australia, Britain & France globally. Including the only luxury company in world to have a patent for platinum & diamonds suspenders and worlds first south sea pearl luxury lingerie set.

The Economic Times listed Harlette company as the 5th most unique company to provide services globally

Harlette provides you with 100% certainty where your luxury garments are made and manufactured and Harlette delivers to you anywhere in the world.


Hannah Flattery models couture Baby Doll

100% made in London on ISFWCuracao Catwalk in Caribbean




The Eye of the Needle Ashmolean Museum Oxford

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Amazing pearls from the 17th century were viewed today with magnifying glasses on embroideries from the Feller Collection at Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. The standout piece of the whole Eye of the Needle collection was The Judgement of Paris © M & E Feller. Photo: R Holdsworth FRPS
Judgement of Paris

The Eye of the Needle will display, for the first time in public, a selection of eye-catching, virtuoso 17th-century embroideries from the internationally renowned Feller Collection, together with outstanding examples from the Ashmolean’s own holdings.

These remarkable embroideries include colourful raised and flatwork pictoral panels, beautiful samplers and household items such as boxes and cushions and dress accessories including caps, coifs and gloves.

The exhibition will explore the context in which these dramatic and technically exacting works were made, examining their importance in creating the ideal goodly and godly woman through the discipline of painstaking embroidery, reinforcing both social status and appropriate behaviour.

Exquisite objects in their own right made with colourful silks, pearls, and semi-precious stones, the embroideries also reflect the religious, political and social concerns of the English Civil War period.

The Eye of the Needle is curated by Dr Mary Brooks, University of Durham.



+44 1865 278002

+44 1865 278010


+44 1865 278106

Event Location:

Ashmolean Museum

Beaumont Street
Oxford, Oxfordshire OX1 2PH
United Kingdom

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First Look: Sophia South Sea Pearl Lingerie by Harlette

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Last week Harlette Luxury Lingerie launched the new world class first of its kind Sophia range featuring South Sea Pearls

Lingerie insight had this to say

Harlette Luxury Lingerie has launched a new bespoke style, featuring real pearls.

The couture commission for the label’s new Sophia range consists of a black velvet luxury lingerie soft cup bra and knickers, each individually set with its own South Sea Pearl that conceals a clasp

to read more

A closer  look at the south sea pearl made available via harlette lingerie’s pinterest  is featured below

Luhho had this to say

Sofisticadas y sensuales, estas prendas de lencería son como una caricia para quien las porta y un destello para quien observa esa perfección que Harlette Pearl hace evidente desde su nombre, recordando aquellas joyas misteriosas y tan deseadas por muchos.


Yahoo Finance Singapore also featured the story to read more


Harlette Announces the South Sea Pearl Luxury Lingerie Set

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LONDON, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Harlette Luxury Lingerie launches South Sea Pearls into a first-of-its-kind, world-class, unique statement in super luxury lingerie.

The couture commission for new Sophia range features a black velvet luxury lingerie soft cup bra and knickers each individually set with their own South Sea Pearl that cleverly and discretely conceals a clasp.

With three luxurious South Sea Pearls in total, this is a world class piece of distinction for lovers of fine luxury and exquisite jewellery.

This bespoke commission piece can be ordered directly at the Harlette private membership shopping site listed as the 5th most unique in the world. Bespoke options include the South Sea Pearls set in Platinum, Rose Gold or Yellow Gold. Yellow pearls are also available for the most serious pearl lover and price is on application. More details can be discovered at and email enquiries can be sent to




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