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Pacifique Swim Collection Catwalk by Harlette

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Harlette Swim debuted their 2nd Swim collection, in the Caribbean on the island of Curacao as part of international Swim Fashion Week. Included a 100% made in France luxury bikini called Jet Set. The jet set bikini features iconic Paris, and 100% made in Britain Velvet which is 1st in the world design by Harlette.

The Harlette Swim collection was launched in the Caribbean on the island of Curacao, as part of International Swim Fashion Week Harlette were the only British Brand to be invited to showcase the collection. The Collection includes Bikinis, Plunge One Pieces Harlette’s Signature Design Bikini. Featuring exotic prints from Tahiti, to Atacama Desert to Arrive in Paris. This inspiration behind the collection is the journey of the Black Pearl and the trip it travelled from Tahiti to make the first show in Paris.


The British brand, rated by the Economic Times as the 5th most unique company to supply services globally and as seen on Billie Piper in the 4th and final series of Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Harlette have moved production back o UK, Harlette are the only company in the world to hold a patent for a diamond and platinum suspender clips and the first company in the world to make a luxury south sea pearl lingerie set. Harlette have a couture lingerie service in London 100% made in Britain.

The concierge on demand bespoke service is available for delivery globally. Appointments are made when you arrive in London. You make your selection & Design and Construction of your garment will then follow and can be shipped to your home or holiday destination if you leave London.


Onshoring – Harlette

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The media is awash with the news of offshore investments Panama Gate, resignations of Iceland’s Prime Minister, but something that caught my attention was an article in the guardian on sweat shops in Myanmar.

All this talk of Offshoring got me thinking about Onshoring.  Since 2009 Harlette have been practitioners of Onshoring, beginning with designing & manufacturing in Australia.

This is an example of Australian Design and Manufacturing recently on Catwalk in Caribbean on the island of Curacao as part of International Swim Fashion Week.


Kia Archer, from Elite Miami models Riviera Rouge 100% Silk & French Lace

Harlette expanded the Onshoring activities for Luxury Lingerie Manufacturing to UK in 2015 this is 100% made in London with a collection of 8 to 12 styles available in 10 days.


Sharon Fonseca from Ford, model’s Harlette couture Cleopatra ShowPiece

on Catwalk in Caribbean, ISFWCuracao.


Holly Baratta from Elite Miami models

100% made in London showpiece

Featuring 100% UK Linton Tweed made into luxury lingerie

Harlette in 2016 have expanded Onshoring Manufacturing to France last month. To produce this luxury bikini, first run 10 days from fabric selection manufacture to final finish.


Cassandra Ross wears 100% made in France Jet Set Bikini

on ISFWCuracao Catwalk in Caribbean

Harlette approach to limited edition Luxury is unique in the world just as you are unique.

If your discovering Harlette for the first time, our consistent approach to sourcing luxury fabrics and French lace quality sees our collections selected by stylists, TV shows and magazines.

Harlette onshore all luxury design, manufacturing in three countries Australia, Britain & France globally. Including the only luxury company in world to have a patent for platinum & diamonds suspenders and worlds first south sea pearl luxury lingerie set.

The Economic Times listed Harlette company as the 5th most unique company to provide services globally

Harlette provides you with 100% certainty where your luxury garments are made and manufactured and Harlette delivers to you anywhere in the world.


Hannah Flattery models couture Baby Doll

100% made in London on ISFWCuracao Catwalk in Caribbean



Harlette debut in ELLE UK Little Luxuries & LIVE STREAM MBFW NY SPRING 2014 COLLECTIONS

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Harlette made its debut in ELLE UK Little Luxuries – September edition featuring the fabulous Billie Piper from Secret Diary season four in our double trouble luxurious lounge set.

You can shop Billie Pipers look here

Thanks to rightster you can enjoy all the live stream from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014 Collections in New York, taking place September 5-12, 2013 here on Harlette.


Puss & Kram Sweden I am off to Saudi Tomorrow

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This weeks posting is short and sweet on account I am packing for Saudi Arabia, tonight.  Although over the weekend I did do some writing for a debate published in the Expressen newspaper in Sweden. So puss and kram to everyone that is the reading the blog after reading this article.

This week has been jammed full of filming Miss Sonia Lipski acting Miss World for a bra fitting, that will be used in the Art of Selling Lingerie masterclasses being held at Dar Al Hekma College, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from 13th to 24th of June.

On top of preparing everything to do with the masterclasses, the final pieces for Wimbledon Fashion week have been finished and I collected them today. Pink Promise, Champagne Princess, Midas Touch will all be unveiled at Wimbledon Fashion Week 25th and 26th of June in London.

After Wimbledon is all over a quick stop in France to meet with lingerie manufacturers. So I have a jetset couple of weeks ahead, all because a BBC article was forwarded to me and the facebook campaign that Reem Assad created. We truly do live in a wonderful world, where we are never really far from anyone.

Look foward to updating you from Jeddah and please keep up to date with all the trip highlights from twitter.

I will post the english version of the article soon…

Why Do You Do IT?

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 With the end of the busiest week in Australia for fashion coming to a close with the speech of Peter Morrissey at Fashion Palette, I have to ask the question WHY DO YOU DO IT?

Why do you need the things that you do?
Why do you want the things that you do?
Why do you desire the things that you do?

images1The resounding theme that came out of this week  is, what is the motivation behind designing fashion, consuming fashion, avoiding fashion, falling all over yourself for fashion, being in the moment for fashion and making mistakes time and time again for fashion.

Why do you buy the brands that you buy? Are you  in control of your decision, is it just about how you feel from one day to the next that determines what you wear?

Does an update on twitter make you align yourself with a brand?
Does a snapshot of a collection on late night news inspire you to visit your nearest department store?

Does your weekly mag like Grazia lead you to a Saturday 8hr shopping spree or your monthly Instyle, Vouge, Harpers, or Cosmopolitan magazine make you want to completely throw out your wardrobe and start again.

Or is it the allure of instant gratification of online shopping that pushes you over the edge, scanning style blogs, looking at haute couture collection video’s from Paris and must have items of the moment on celebrities that are caught in all paces of their hectic lives on paparazzi and gossip sites like Mr Paparazzi.


How does the opening parties, the backstage interviews, the after parties, the opening of fashion week, the pre event launch, the event, the collection creation, the showing, the after party of the after party all contribute to what I experienced about 1hr ago.

ignitionsuite_image321A room of over 1000 young designers brought to tears and giving one of Australia’s icons of fashion a standing ovation. People were walking to the microphones one after the after in tears talking about their first time they purchased one his designs.

Talking about how a speech of his in a remote town in the outback of Australia lead them them to be in their final year of fashion design school. Peter said its easy to create a collection in Paris, but its not easy to be standing in a room full of people like you and hearing all the ways in which his designs have touched people’s lives.

His story is amazing and humorous, including recalling the story of how his parents in the last three years of their lives managed to accumulate close to £15,ooo worth of goods taken from their hotel stays as souvenirs that Peter had to pay for.

I think anyone with the privilege of hearing it live will appreciate just how one person can travel all of life’s social structures when one sets out with the simple idea of making the world a better place through creating clothes that people can wear.Peter came from humble beginnings to a 25 year career being close friends with Michael Hutchence from INXS and photographed with Princess Diana.

Fashion is not a living story until someone wears it according to Peter and Coco Chanel said similar when she said fashion is not fashion until it is seen on the street.

parisBrand loyalty, v’s Fashion Week… a customers thank you and being part of transformation as a result of something you created is I think what is missing from Fashion Week. Collection after collection is shown and the customer gets lost in translation.

It becomes more about who is sitting in front row, who is seen and not necessarily those that are fashion followers. They may be media members, having influence over how the message gets to market but the people that take this fashion to the street and make it their own should never be forgotten.

Peter raised an interesting point to this issue of what is the point of presenting a collection and having no cash left to fill orders for the collection and the cost of showing at a fashion week can be ultimately at the cost of the customer.

Peter urged young designers not to make that mistake, to find backers, and to learn how to stand and be seen while still seeing everyone, especially the customer.

003336331The international fashion illustrator Arturo Elena, whose enchanting images are featured above was also speaking at Fashion Palette and I had the opportunity to meet him and discuss an illustration collaboration for Harlette.  Will keep you posted on this.

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Harlette writes for Lingerie KSA – How to Lose a Dress Size in Minutes

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Have you ever bought a bra that when you got it home, then it tried on and discovered that things were heading south when you really wanted them to head north?

We call this Uplift

Have you ever bought a bra that when you got it home, then it tried on and discovered that there was a gap as big as your hand between your back and the bra strap or after wearing it keeps repositioning its self high up your back no matter how many times you pull it down?

We call this Riding and Gaping


Have you ever bought a bra that when you got it home, then tried it on and discovered that you spilled out of round the sides of the cup or over the top of the bra?

We call this Spillage


Have you ever bought a bra that when you got it home, then tried it on and discovered that the material puckers and your breast does not fill the cup leaving extra material?

We call this Puckering


Have you ever bought a bra that when you got it home, then tried it on and discovered that after a while the straps cut into your shoulders and after wearing it digs a groove into your shoulders? If left unchecked this causes a permanent dip in your shoulders.

We call this Ouch and refer to this as Grooving


Have you ever tried on a dress, or top and wished that you could drop a dress size.

We call this thinking positively?



If any of these have happened to you, then you could benefit from a bra fitting. Bra fittings can change the way your dresses look, in fact it can make you drop a dress size with just wearing a bra that is fitted to you (hoorah to that)


A great philosopher said that you are what you think, but when it comes to bra sizes actually it’s often the reverse


You are not what you think you are!


It is a statistical fact that 70% to 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra that means 7 out of 10 of you reading this right now are wearing the wrong bra. YES YOU.


When you wear the wrong bra you are likely to suffer from grooving, spillage, puckering, riding up the back, jutting out at the front as its not fitting against the rib cage correctly.


This leads to headaches, back aches, tingling in the arms, restricted breathing, abrasions, rashes and breast pain, especially during exercise.  From a style perspective clothes looking too small for you and are aging you.


So the way a bra fits you can actually remove the need for BOTOX. The best way to get a bra to fit you is to have a lingerie specialist to measure you and fit you.


Remember that not all bra’s are going to fit all bodies, differences in manufacturer’s, designs, laces, stretch knit, power meshes all work differently on different bodies. Trained specialists know how different bras fit with all shapes and sizes.


The biggest things that we as women do is get blinded by the colour and often do not take into account the way it actually works with our bodies. Our bodies change over time, with pregnancy, dieting and exercise.


So having trained specialists is the going to make you thinner and younger in minutes.


What are you waiting for, KSA a new you, starts with trained lingerie specialists

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All of a Twirl of a Tassel over Twitter

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Harlette has been all of a twitter over Twitter this week.  Although clearly a little slow on coming up to speed on this wonderful world of Twitter, Harlette is getting followers every day.

So Twitter for Harlette is Kaizen (Japanese for small continuous improvement)

The exciting thing is in the same week a new magazine has surprisingly got its first subscriber via Twitter.  The world’s first, global Burlesque Magazine has just launched and the first subscriber was ‘10 Downing Street’ !

Incidentally 10 Downing Street’  was Harlette’s first follower on Twitter so already we have lots in common. Time to twirl those tassels ladies and gentlemen. whooo hoooo

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