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Behind the Scenes: Filming 24k Gold fabric with Sony 4K @ Pinewood Studios

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The 4K journey has begun here at Harlette.

Along the 4K journey, the questions start, how will a 24K Gold fabric work and what camera will bring out the best in the 24K gold?

Harlette worked with Sony to test what a fabric with 24K Gold and Platinum would look like using a 4K top-end motion picture camera

The results were more than interesting and with the right lighting and movement.

“The fabric danced and the 24K Gold on 4K mesmerising!”

This is just one of the most surprising experiences, to see a fabric come to life,  even before its made into a garment.




This is a behind the scenes view of a fabric test with 24K gold conducted at Pinewood Studios thanks to Sony. The camera used for the fabric test is the F65.





Italian Big Brother Celebrity Monica Sirianni wears Harlette Salon Internatio​nal de la Lingerie 2014

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Live from Paris Day 3 Salon International de la Lingerie Paris Harlette Stand J50

Monica Sirianni wears Enchantress Electra Black Label Harlette

Monica Sirianni featured in the Grande Fratello 12 premiered on October 24, 2011 and concluded on April 1, 2012. It was the twelfth Italian edition of the reality franchise Big Brother. Monica wears Harlette’s Enchantress Electra #luxury wrap  and tie me up tie me down lingerie set and photo by KentJohnson
2014-01-25 19.48.46

Harlette’s new indulgence collection unveiled at Salon Internatio​nal de la Lingerie 2014 feature opulent hues that have delighted all that have seen the French two tone laces layered with silk. Soft Cups and vintage inspired frills are the theme with the collection.

2014-01-25 19.51.25

You can follow all the action by the hash tags #SIL2014 and #britsaroundtheworld

2014-01-25 21.48.20

Indulge Kimono by Harlette

Amy Willerton Crowned Miss London 2012

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Congratulations Miss Amy Willerton crowned in London on St Patrick’s Day 17th of March 2012 at Cafe du Paris as the new Miss London 2012. Judges on the night included Alan Strutt, Amy Willerton is not new to the pageant circuit having been crowned Miss Bristol 2010, and Miss Bath 2011.

Amy became well known in the press when she highlighted some very questionable going on’s she experienced in South Korea during the 2011 Miss Asia Pacific World which she represented Wales. Amy highlighted the unsavoury practice of the pageant allowing and coercing pageant representatives to exchange sex for votes and left the country immediately, this ground breaking story was picked up by both the BBC , the Mirror and the Sun.

Later in 2011 Amy was on TV in the Signed by Katie Price TV show on Sky Living which also featured the lovely Melissa Reeves who wore Harlette in her 2012 Calendar.

Amy went on to win the signed by Katie Price show, and was launched to the press with Katie Price on 20th of January 2012.

Only a couple of weeks ago Amy was in the papers again with the story by the Mirror that she was not going to continue with Katie Price due to differences over prizes with the show etc.

Now 17th of March 2012 Amy is crowned Miss London 2012, we wish Amy the very best of luck in her career and looking forward to seeing how her journey and year as Miss London 2012 will unfold for London and her family.

Also we say goodbye to the Miss London 2011 Miss Rissikat Bade who of course rocked our Harlette Rendezvous Renaissance set in her Maxim shoot.

Of course all the Miss London 2012 behind the scenes magic, is provided by stylist Fay L Bacon and UK Model Folios and you can follow their Official Miss London Beauty Pageant facebook page

Men Prefer Black Lingerie

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According to a recent UK poll picked up by the Daily Star and Telegraph over  50%  of  men prefer Black Lingerie..

Thank Goodness for that as the video for Harlette Luxury Lingerie on the runway in Paris just arrived and the ladies are all in Black…

Its been a hectic pace in Paris for the launch of the collection, London for meetings and the filming by Maverick Production for a show by the BBC on the behind the scenes of getting a product into a department store.

Harlette Luxury Lingerie, showcasing the £10,000 Harlette Platinum Lingerie

Then back to Paris in the Snow for Premiere Vision, the theme is Cheeky Opulence for 2010, bad boy meets ladies in opulent materials

So more about the actual survey by laundrycare expert, Dr Beckmann, the findings has seen the Red underwear out, and black underwear in, changing long held myths that women have held dearly to especially around valentines day.

Red has often been held to be the sexiest lingerie colour although when Harlette conducted their own research red was prefered by women and men found that it represented danger. According to the Telegraph Red is typically worn by women – the one women wear when they are feeling “flirty”, despite the fact it barely flatters the typical ‘pale English rose’ complexion.

But this is no longer true, according to the average British male. Once believed to be a favourite for Valentine’s Day boudoir gifts, racy, red lingerie, is now considered the biggest bedroom turn-off by British chaps, according to Dr Beckmann’s study.

More than 50% of the men questioned put red at the top of their least favourite list, with a further 18% giving the thumbs-down to pink, and 11% saying ‘No’ to flesh-tones.

Body Magazine US also featured pictures of the Harlette Luxury Lingerie collection shown on the runway in Paris

The ladies from the Knicker Blog, also covered the Paris Lingerie show and included a great piece on Harlette Luxury Lingerie, much to our suprise.

Special note of condolence to Lee Alexander McQueen’s family at this time. When true talent is lost one can only spend a moment in silence & reflect on all the wonderous moments of joy that has been created & shared with the world. Fashion never Dies, it just gets re interpreted, recycled and re inpired. We were all fortunate to see his talent flourish and make many people in the world happy for the moments they shared with his creations.


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OO LA LA Casting Call for Sexy Secretive Sirens High Powered High Sexed Women Wanted

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This week Harlette received an email from a TV producer developing a new CW TV series called “Secrets.”  The CW, as you probably know, is best known for series like The Vampire Diaries, Melrose Place, 90210, Gossip Girl, etc.  She has asked Harlette Luxury Lingerie  to help further broadcast their casting search to our group members at our next high tea or send out a group message or perhaps blog about it? 


So we have said yes to all, we have put links on facebook and now on our weekly blog



So here goes…

We’re looking for truly sophisticated, smart and supremely glamorous women who are extremely sexually active and revel in that.  I’m sure you have a ton of questions – please visit our show’s website on the CW main page (to get there directly it’s

 Best and thanks!


The CW television network is CASTING NOW!


The CW television network is looking for successful, professional women who feel they’re leading a double-life – polished on the outside, out of control on the inside.  Women who are keeping a secret from their friends, family and colleagues – habits such as an active sex life or an addiction to men. 


We’re looking for women who manage highly successful careers with a VERY active sex life. 


Do you race from the boardroom to the dance floor of the trendiest, hippest night clubs every weekend? 


Are you proud of how well you juggle your job and the five-+ men that you’re dating? 


Are you empowered enough to not even bother dating anyone?


Do your friends tell you that you have WAY too many sexual partners? 


Do you crave sex? Is it all you can think about?


If this sounds like your story please get in touch with our casting team and apply to be a part of this cutting-edge new television series:  

 or shoot us an email at!


 Of will need to pack a few outfits, so here is Harlette Luxury Lingerie’s suggestions


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