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Onshoring – Harlette

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The media is awash with the news of offshore investments Panama Gate, resignations of Iceland’s Prime Minister, but something that caught my attention was an article in the guardian on sweat shops in Myanmar.

All this talk of Offshoring got me thinking about Onshoring.  Since 2009 Harlette have been practitioners of Onshoring, beginning with designing & manufacturing in Australia.

This is an example of Australian Design and Manufacturing recently on Catwalk in Caribbean on the island of Curacao as part of International Swim Fashion Week.


Kia Archer, from Elite Miami models Riviera Rouge 100% Silk & French Lace

Harlette expanded the Onshoring activities for Luxury Lingerie Manufacturing to UK in 2015 this is 100% made in London with a collection of 8 to 12 styles available in 10 days.


Sharon Fonseca from Ford, model’s Harlette couture Cleopatra ShowPiece

on Catwalk in Caribbean, ISFWCuracao.


Holly Baratta from Elite Miami models

100% made in London showpiece

Featuring 100% UK Linton Tweed made into luxury lingerie

Harlette in 2016 have expanded Onshoring Manufacturing to France last month. To produce this luxury bikini, first run 10 days from fabric selection manufacture to final finish.


Cassandra Ross wears 100% made in France Jet Set Bikini

on ISFWCuracao Catwalk in Caribbean

Harlette approach to limited edition Luxury is unique in the world just as you are unique.

If your discovering Harlette for the first time, our consistent approach to sourcing luxury fabrics and French lace quality sees our collections selected by stylists, TV shows and magazines.

Harlette onshore all luxury design, manufacturing in three countries Australia, Britain & France globally. Including the only luxury company in world to have a patent for platinum & diamonds suspenders and worlds first south sea pearl luxury lingerie set.

The Economic Times listed Harlette company as the 5th most unique company to provide services globally

Harlette provides you with 100% certainty where your luxury garments are made and manufactured and Harlette delivers to you anywhere in the world.


Hannah Flattery models couture Baby Doll

100% made in London on ISFWCuracao Catwalk in Caribbean




Harlette Hits the Spot

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Whether you are partial to a bit of leopard and lace, consider yourself a bit of a cougar, or  like it just a bit on the sweet side as a Sugar Mummy, and goes without saying as a sugar daddy.

Harlette hits the spot with our diamond and platinum suspender clips.

There is a lot of talk about town, twitter and facebook on the topic of  that TV shows are having a positive effect on lingerie sales. The more women are seen having relationships with younger men on the TV the more  lingerie is being bought for the age group of 40 to 50-year-old women with London is reporting the most noticeable increase.

The annual migration to Canne has begun and the two-week film festival is full of events and reasons to be putting your best feet, legs, knickers, suspenders and bras forward.

Paparazzi, stars and the high net worth will spend the next two weeks soaking up the sunshine, watching films and attending parties and charity functions such as the third annual Better World Awards in Cannes on May 19. Sean Penn will honor “Heroes” star Jimmy Jean-Louis. as well as Naomi Campbell in Cannes on May 19. Gerard ButlerJulian LennonBoris BeckerFlavio Briatoreand Kenneth Cole are also on the list for the evening, which benefits Hollywood Unites for Haiti. 

The gala is such a hot ticket that a bunch of invites were stolen from the print shop. Event planners International Luxury Media are screening crashers by giving bona fide guests a secret RSVP code. E mail for tickets.

If Bentley Made Bra’s Imagine What Would They Feel Like?

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The thing about luxury, is that price is not just the benchmark, its about workmanship, its about materials and its about the rare occurrence of all these factors merging to create something desirable, and usable.


Take the Bentley Brooklands for instance, it is hand assembled, and limited edition with only 500 of these beauties, that are the most poweful and luxurious ever made to claim the flying B..


Bentley have been associated with laptops, but why not bra’s

ego for bentley

So if  I dare to dream for a second, imagine, what would a Bentley Bra feel like?  Would it use Platinum just like the patented Harlette Platinum Lingerie, would it be sprinkled with diamonds, would it be combined and complimented with an exquisite leather trim, topped with a flying B..

Now that would be a bra to beat all bra’s boys… especially sitting in the passenger seat of the Brooklands..

But, seriously, when one thinks about luxury and lingerie , does the industry have the same standards as jets, cars and yachts?




Where is the industry heading when so many companies are outsourcing to Tunisa and China?

When materials once made in France can only claim that they were designed in France.

Products using materials purely from France or purely from Britain are few and far between. 

So what would Best Of British really feel like up close and personal?


Companies make many decisions and often short cuts are taken to provide shareholders and buyers in department stores with a product that makes them profit. At whose expense? Where is the true luxury found in lingerie today, but in the back room of a few atelier’s in France and the UK.

For more on the wonderful Bentley see their website and if you are in Mayfair, London pop in and see Derek Bennet at Jack Barclay Bentley.  Let them introduce you to the new addition to the family, the Bentley Mulsanne, recently launched in Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance in Monterey, California.


The Bentley Mulsanne will go on sale from mid 2010 with a full motorshow release at the forthcoming IAA Frankfurt Motor Show (15-27th September, 2009) where Bentley Motors will provide additional product information including pricing and specification.

Lets leave you with topgears piece on the Bentley Brooklands


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Harlette Platinum Lingerie Innovation Patent & Lara Accison from FTV UK

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The Creative Director of Harlette Luxury Lingerie Naomi McGill was interviewed by Rachael Philip from Sunday People New Strait Times in Malaysia on her way from London to Sydney. The article appeared in last weeks paper. To read the article just click on the picture of Naomi below


Whilst in London, Naomi caught up with Lara Accison from Fashion TV in London, to show her pieces from the new collection, and discuss a piece for Lara to wear to an upcoming event. Watch Lara slipping into one of the Goddess dress’s from the Harlette range and talk about OK magazine.

Its been a big week for Harlette Luxury Lingerie as an innovation patent was awarded for one of Naomi’s designs in the Harlette Platinum Lingerie range. Naomi recorded a video to discuss the innovation patent from Sydney last week.

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